The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption - Page 3

2008.08.28. do not know what death is and that is why they spend in it. Oh, do not love the world or what is in it, for the world has come to an end and God to the beginning, (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) and it is worked again as in the beginning by word, and God makes them all again. Oh, separate yourselves from sin, for my Son suffers from your sins! Your life be like a virginity! Your living and your life to be of a monk! Look at the saints who have overcome the world and the flesh, that is their body, which lusts against the spirit and then they have sanctified for the Lord. Oh, come back to a life of paradise on earth so that life on earth may come from God and the Lord to take away death from it, for it is written to be so. Oh, do no longer eat meat! Oh, do no longer eat meat! Oh, do no longer eat meat! It is your fault, man, that you eat meat! It is your fault that you do not love God. It is not the devil’s guilt that you have this sin. Your sin is the guilt of the flesh, the sin that you do not love God. You cannot love both yourself and God, for he who loves himself denies God and then he persecutes Him. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him? ”, r.n.) Oh, leave off the lust of the body, which comes from the lust of the eyes, and this comes from the spirit of haughtiness of life! Oh, leave off the love for yourselves and give your love to the Lord, for it increases with Him and does not decrease, and this treasure will come out before you if you gather it with the Lord to have it, for the Lord labors only and only for man and He humbles Himself laboring. Oh, rejoice over the Lord’s gifts and over the sacrifice of love of His sacrificing people and then I will exhort you again to my Son, Who becomes word on the earth now, at the end of the time, on the hearth of the Romanian people. Be gentle and humble in your heart, be like my Son! Do not be like the sons of men, do not be like the sons of this age, who live as in the time of Noah and bring forth fire which burns the world, for the earth burns from the man’s sins, because the sin is a fire and it is the man’s end. Oh, open up your arms and embrace my Son as I embraced and loved Him more than my life! Oh, come to be born of word and to become the sons of God, for those who believe in Him, they are those who do no longer die and they are those who live, and they live in Him, in my beloved Son, in Whom I was well pleased with my love, with my entire longing and with my entire living on earth. Bear this life on earth and you will live the sweetness and you will live through it and you will be christs, and the Lord will be glorified through you, for His will is your sanctification. Learn the love and its apostleship! Learn the life without sin! Learn the love from John, my Son’s beloved disciple, to whom He gave me when He went to the Father after He was resurrected, and he took me to his home, loved me, stayed with me and fed me with my Son and I lived in obedience of God. Amen. Oh, your house needs to be useful to God, not to you, if you are God’s child. This is what a child of God needs to know. Moreover, how is your house supposed to serve God and not you? First of all you have to serve God and not you or those who are yours, and then you have to bring the Lord into your house, at your table, at your heart, in your deed, and then He will enable you to do His work on the earth and over the people. Your will have to die so that the Lord may be able to make you His will then, but not only from time to time but always, and in this way you will be God’s kingdom, oh, sons fed by God with food from above, and you will be God’s house on earth as John was, the beloved disciple by his love in him and to whom my Son gave me when He went to be with the Father. 3