The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption - Page 2

2008.08.28. mother. Behold, this is how Father has also sent Me today as word on earth, for the end of the ages has come near, and all and everything has been waiting for the coming of the Son of Man in heaven and on earth, mother, for by My birth of your virgin body I became the Son of Man and I became the Savior of the world, for the man lives only in bondage on earth, mother. I am speaking with you before those who have come together at your feast near the place of My spring of word. The mystery of the fallow land with a treasure in it, this is the mystery of the choice of this land in order that I may come, the land of the Romanian people, mother, and Father wants to announce it as heavenly homeland, the homeland of My coming again from the Father to the man with the news of the kingdom of the heavens, with the glory of My word, which fills the earth and the heaven, but only the man’s heart he does not fill, for the man does not long for God on earth, mother. Oh, let Us speak at the spring, My mother! The heavenly armies have come here, at the spring, for you, within a feast for you, and I am the Son of God and I am your Son as well. Let us feed those who have come together again near My spring of word, for the longing has brought them here, and their faith and love need power, mother. Let us glorify Ourselves with the glory that I have had from the Father before the foundation of the world, oh, mother full of word like your Son, the Word God, for the glory of God is the word, as it was in the beginning as well, mother! Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.) – Oh, sweet Son of the Father Sabaoth, and mine! The Father’s economy for man’s salvation from death is great, dear Son! Oh, the man does everything on earth, but the man does not have time and longing to open the Scriptures and read in them about Your coming then and now and then to see their fulfilling as I saw them when You came on earth two thou- sand years ago. Oh, how much You missed the man then when You came! Oh, how much You have longed for man and for his longing now when You are coming again! Oh, how much We, those from heaven, have longed, oh how much longing We have, dear Son! This is the time for You to come: there is no longer faith on earth. Behold the sign when You have to come. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man”, r.n.) As in the time of Noah, the people on earth do not have love of God and do not have faith, but they rather have faith denial, (See the selection topic: „As in the days of Noah”, r.n.) and this brings on earth its burning, the burning on it of all that are made by the man opposing God, for man’s thoughts are not like God’s thoughts. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire”, r.n.) Oh, how much You have suffered from this separation between man and You, Lord Son! Soon, soon, the man will see how much You have suffered, for Your sufferance from man has overcome Your mercy, and behold, You come to offer him, you come to speak to him as a God full of power, but he, hearing does not hear and seeing does not see, because the sin of faith denial is on earth, Lord Son. (See the selection topic: „The changing of the holidays – renunciation of faith”, r.n.) I become word over those who have come together at the mouth of Your spring and I tell them to read the Scriptures as I read them, and then I waited for You to come, as it was written in the Scriptures for You to come, and I tell them that the longing after God becomes a glorified stairway for Your coming again to man, oh, Lord. Amen. I am coming down with a sweet voice of mother to the place of the spring of the word of my Son and I am finding you gathered at a heavenly table. I am one with my Son. I am in Him and He is in me, for this is written for the Lord to work through those who believe in Him. I am coming to give you the exhortation of life. Love life! It is my Son, Who took the dust into His hand and made the man in His image and after His likeness and then He breathed life upon him with His mouth. Love the life, for my Son has given it to you, for the life is in Him and the life is the light of the people! Keep away from death and keep away from sin, for the sons of men 2