The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.02 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint prophet Elijah

2008.08.02. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint prophet Elijah 2 In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, this is how the word of God comes down from the things from heaven on to the earth to make peace between man and God, and then between man and man. The heaven meets the earth by God’s word and the Lord speaks on the earth, and blessed is the one who has got from God the gift of the holy faith, and blessed is God between Him and the one who is faithful to him, and this is how He makes among people vessels bearing of God and this is how God is on the earth. Amen. I am Who I am. My name is the Word of God. (Apoc. 19:13) When Elijah, My prophet went up into heaven in a chariot of fire, I, the Lord, gave him word to establish kings and to set Elisha into his place, as his following prophet, and Elijah went to him and found him working with his plough, and Elisha left his work and followed Elijah, who spoke then to him: «Ask what I shall do for you, before I am taken from you», and he answered: «Please let a double portion of your spirit be on me». And Elijah said: «…nevertheless, if you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so to you; but if not, it shall not be so». (2 Kings 2:9, 10 ) Moreover, as they still went on, and talked, there appeared a chariot of fire and horse of fire, which parted them both apart, and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. Then Elijah took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and struck the waters and they divided here and there and Elisha went over through the midst, and then the disciples of the prophets said: «The spirit of Elijah does rest on Elisha». (2 Kings 2:15) I have come to throw fire on the earth and I wish it were already kindled (Luke 12:49) and not put out, and that one who has part in this fire kindled in him, that one receives My word and is born from above and he makes My kingdom on the earth, and I can do through him My work which I have to work from the Father. Amen. (See the se- lection topic: „The apocalyptic fire”, r.n.) I breathe a threefold spirit upon those who stay within My gates so that My word may come into its book and I tell them this: even if among those who are My people are some who say about you that you are nothing, I, the Lord, with this nothingness am He Who can work, and not with those who know that are righteous, great and good. With these I cannot work for the coming down of My word, for I need in man faith in Me as I require and not as he gives to Me, because I stumble against disbelief, as those who do not believe also stumble against it, and I cannot work through those people and I cannot work through those with My coming of today as word on the earth. I need a faithful man like Elisha, who did not hesitate when he was called to the gift of prophecy so that I might work with him further between Me and man. And what would it really be for Me if I spoke a word of fulfilling just as Elisha spoke over those who were laughing at him and when the beasts of the forest came out and tore many to pieces? Behold, I made My entrance and I speak to you, My people, and there have come to the spring those with longing and with fire in them for their birth from My word and then for My power in them, so that they might be fulfilled with My power in them and around them and that I may announce Myself from place to place by those who believe in My coming of today. It is the feast of the prophet Elijah and this prophet is great between heaven and earth, for he is 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1