The Word of God in Romania 2008.01.14 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Basil the Great

2008.01.14. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint hierarch Basil the Great 2 My people, you should give Me power more and more with every passing day, day after day, to come from the Father to you to exhort you closer and closer, son. You should give Me power, My people, and you should give Me faith in you, to be able to rely on you from now on and forever, and to have you as My people forever, the fruit of My coming after two thousand years since My fist coming again on the earth after the man. Let us give us one another and let you give My love back, that I may give it back to you. Let us give one another the love which I give you and which becomes word of comforting spirit over your being, for two thousand years ago I spoke to My disciples: «Love one another as I have loved you», and I also told them: «I give you My peace, and I do not give it to you as the word does». And then I was with a painful peace after man and after the comfort from man, and My heart was full of the Father, Who loved Me infinitely finding His likeness in My sufferance for man, and My little heart was full of My mother Virgin, who was suffering in Me as much as I was suffering in her, for this is how she loved the world as much as I have loved it, and she was born on earth for Me and then she lived for Me, for everything she was feeling, working and doing, this was only for Me, and man was My eternal longing, My people, and there was longing as in God, not as in man, and I told those who followed Me: «Love one another as I have loved you». Oh, I have always worn them, always to the Father and to Me and to the life without death in them and among them. And this is how I loved them, this is how I taught them to take after Me, and I showed them how I was and what I worked and how I worked, and I told them: «If you love Me, you keep My commandments», and they were the man’s love for Me, and then their keeping away from sin by the fulfilling of My love in them, their love for God, My people, and only afterwards I told them: «Love one another as I have loved you». Oh, My Israel of today, oh, son, great and full of God, those who take from Me have always given you word! Oh, My people, this is how I was working with the disciples, for the Father saw what they needed every moment, for each moment brought forth from it teaching from God for it, and take a look into My Scriptures of that time, for I was speaking to them as every moment of them was before God, to know Me as God by the truth and by the power of My word, which was teaching them to know Me and to believe in Me, after they saw that I was in them, that I knew their inner things and that I wanted to exhort them, and this meant that I was teaching them with power and not like they did, those who were ruling over them as kings over their subjects, and I was teaching them not to get upset with Me if I taught them according to their stature and according to how I wanted it to be before Me and before the people, who had to see Me in them afterwards, and not only themselves. Oh, My people, My teaching for it is born from man, for I do not speak from Myself, but I speak as I see and hear, this is how I speak, and again, I speak from the Father over the man, for I do not do My will but the Father’s will, Who has sent Me to fulfill His will on earth and over the man. Amen. Oh, son taught by God, get used to be a grain which dies so that it may give forth fruit, for whoever does not deny himself to give Me then likewise cannot be My disciple and cannot give birth to disciples for Me. Oh, My teaching is very great over you. Love God with all your mind and come and fulfill Me so that you may turn My teaching into deed, so that you may leave yourself and take and carry Me, and you should be My new earth, in 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1