The Word of God in Romania 2007.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon - Page 4

2007.12.25. kingdom in him, for the life of My people lived in Me, of the people of the new Israel. Amen, amen, amen. * On this day of feast I am standing before My people, who has come to the pool for cleaning and I am standing with you before it, cleaning sons over those who have become God’s sons by faith and by the power that comes from it over the man. I want to give exhor- tation to My people, for the world cannot perceive the mystery of the new Jerusalem if it and its priests say that they have had enough all that they know by the church, but the priests of the world forget that I said by the Scriptures about the renewal of the world and about the judgment of the creature and about the resurrection of the dead, works that have to be set over the earth and over the man, works of Christ’s church, sons. Oh, My people, let the world know, the world that calls itself Christian, and let its priest know as well, that the mystery of the new Jerusalem is the work of the church, which works all its members, not only with one, for the church without the spirit of prophecy in it does not have the work of birth over it, for the making is done by word. The perfect priest in the work for the resurrection from the sin of the man is the one who makes God into body and word over the church. Let not only My body be always freshly sac- rificed on the altar for the man’s life, but let Me be refreshed over the man as My word. The priest who makes Me body and word, always new, always fresh, this is the mystery of the New Jerusalem over the earth, of the church, always renewed, always fed by the spirit of prophecy, with My Holy Spirit, Whom I promised to the church and about Whom I said then that He will take from what is Mine and speak to the church, to which I said that I would be with it to the end of the age by those who prophesy in it, for My testimony is the spirit of prophecy, as it is written. My church of new Jerusalem is the place and the time where I, the Lord, become body and I become word by the priest, and this is how I feed the sons to whom I give power to be My sons, and behold a mystery, which the limited man can- not understand, the man without faith like that of Abraham, like that of My saints, to whom I appear and speak by the work of the Holy Spirit, working through the church, be- cause the mystery of the church is the work of the Holy Spirit, Who takes from what is Mine and speaks to the church, as He worked over the first Christians in the day of Pentecost, cloth- ing them with His work, with His power, for My testimony is the spirit of prophecy, the spirit that proves that the man is baptized with the Holy Spirit, with the Jesus Christ’s baptism, as John the Baptizer spoke about Me, as the One Who baptized with the Holy Spirit, to the one whom he baptized to the forgiveness of their sins. (See the selection topic: „The true church”, r.n.) Oh, sons, who come to the pool, love the work of the cleansing of your spirit and soul, as you take care and clean your body and your clothes on your body and all of your other things. However, as an exhortation for the good victory of your salvation I tell you, as the apostle Paul said: «Let not many of you be teachers». Oh, sons, it is hard for the man with the spirit of humility, and that is why he does not have to pretend to be a teacher, and that is why it is well for him to stay and rather learn and listen from Me, for I have come again on the earth as Teacher now, because it is written for Me to come again for the living and for the dead and to come with My endless kingdom over the earth, as the work of the spirit declares every day the faith confession of the church, but behold, when it comes to believe what it says, it does not believe, sons. 4