The Word of God in Romania 2007.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon - Page 3

2007.12.25. you to look into my life, people led by God, for I gave my life to God with every passing day, and the envious devil could not stay quietly when he saw me with God’s power, with God’s kingdom within me, and which I was confessing outside of me. «Woe to you if the world speaks well of you», this is what Christs said. Blessed are you if the world hates you, this is what I tell you, the Lord’s bishop, His bishop, for every day I was sacrificing my life to Him, and I was always lifting in Him and not outside of Him be- fore men, and His power was in me, for God’s kingdom is in not in word but in power, and this is how I am speaking today to all those who try to speak on the earth by the word and not by God’s power, which appears as God in man. Amen. Oh, Lord of the powers, let us give Your people of today Your power to overcome with it the wisdom of the wise, who boast about themselves before You, Lord! Make those that are proud be ashamed and exalt those who are humble. Exalt Your people with Your power, by which You have been establishing Your kingdom now on the earth among people, Lord! Amen, amen, amen. – Oh, it is day of instruction over My people in your day of feast among the saints, great bishop, for the gift of your humility was great, and by it you gave Me a dwelling place in your being, and I deified you and made you My dwelling place and I was coming in and out and working by your faith, by your vessel bearing of God and by your holiness, which you were working every day before Me within the spirit of holy humility, in the spirit of the obe- dient love. My dwelling in you was sweet! You were a dwelling place of My kingdom and you served within you as servant, and behold what it means for someone to become Christ’s servant on the earth, God’s priest! Let those who do not know what God means in man and through man keep silent! Let their speaking about God be silent if they do not know what God with man means! Let those who blaspheme you, My people, also be silent, for the spirit of prophecy is that which over- shadows you from Me and teaches you life, New Jerusalem! Let the one who wants to be- come wise in this time bow before you, and only in this way I receive the one who tries to come to Me on the way of this word, by which I exhort and grow you, My people of today! He who does not love you, he who does not receive you on My behalf, I do not know that one on another way after he had found this way of My coming to you on earth for your faith in Me, and the one who believes in Me never dies, but he passes from death to life every day and he overcomes the world and the time, as I was, My people. Amen. Oh, watchmen of My coming to My people and of its coming to Me! Take care today of the work of the gift of the holy humility over My people that is coming to Me and to you for My life in it, for its adornment before Me so that it may learn to become, and then let eve- ry son that believes in My coming of today be My kingdom and be joined with the spirit of life that sets the making over the man. I am giving you the fresh spirit of the holy teaching, and let My people come to you, for I am passing through you with a life giving spirit, the spir- it that cleanses the man from sin and them from his self. Amen. At the beginning of the work I am embracing now My people coming to the feast, I am comprising it within the word, and again, at the end of the day I will comprise again in the word and teach it, and let it take from Me and be then alive, more and more alive, so that I, the Lord, may be more and more beautiful in the one who cleanses himself for Me, for My 3