The Word of God in Romania 2007.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon - Page 2

2007.12.25. dwell with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away from them every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more… and these words are the spirit of prophecy and are faithful and true». (Apoc. 21:3-5) And this is written for Me to fulfill. Amen. Oh, My people, it is written in the Scripture that there will no longer be death, and I said when I lived on earth two thousand years ago: «He who believes in Me will never die». (John 11:26) Oh, new Israel, blessed is the one who has always passed from death to life! Blessed is the one who knows to clean oneself from death and to be always alive, blessed! The faith does not belong to everyone, but only to those who know to turn their faith in deed, as Abraham knew, My people, for Abraham had in him the good dough, the gift and the spirit of holy humility, which makes the man see God, bear and share God, and not receiving any reward for this, but by his giving himself over for My life in man, My people. Amen, amen, amen. – Oh, what a sweet coming You make with Your saints, Lord, and You give them speaking over Your faithful people! Oh, how true is the word of the prophecy, which speaks about You: «Behold, He comes with His saints, being the First among tens of thousands!» He who sees You in Your word is the one who gives You to the people, Lord, glorified in heaven and on earth. The spirit of the holy humility makes this miracle in man, for the one who is humble within his spirit is the one who believes with great power by the proof of his faith, as when I spoke with the man of the natural wisdom, I proved him the power of my con- fession about You, testifying about You that You were true God of true God, of one Being with the Father, and through Whom the Father spoke and fulfilled. Amen. Oh, it is not good for the natural wisdom of the man to show off above man; the wis- dom which hinders the man from denying himself in order to follow You and not himself, Lord. Oh, it is not holy, it is not well, Christ’s people; it is not well to follow the man who has got his natural wisdom, for those who are in this way, crucify the Lord for their human glory, the glory between man and man, oh, people guided by God. However you should bow to the spirit of prophecy and seek with the spirit of the holy humility in you, for without this gift you cannot dwell with God without dying, without denying Him and then dying like Adam, who forsook God for sin. Take care, for the world and its spirit is a snake, son. Take care among the dead from everywhere; take care not to call them alive, for the one who is alive is the one who never dies after he has become worthy to believe in God, the One sent by the Fa- ther in man. Take care to stay with the saints not with the sinful ones, for the sinful ones will perish, because the sinful people are hostile, jealous, haughty for their mind, and they are traitors for you. However, you should stay with the saints, son, and you should be likewise too, and let God’s power work through you if you are holy, for this is what holy means. Take care that the worries of life may not throw you down so that you may come to love the money, for the money is a snake in the way of the man who loves God. Because of my mercy for man, I turned the snake into gold and I gave it to serve the poor and wretched man and then I brought the gold again to the nature out of which I took it, for gold means nothing but man’s perishing, a devil that keeps the man temporarily, for the one who has got gold cannot get away of its trap, and the man who tries to gain his life every day, that one loses it every day, always with every passing day, and behold, this is how the wise man is lost by his natural wisdom, and one like that cannot but die with every passing day of his life on earth. I exhort 2