The Word of God in Romania 2007.03.11 - The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross

2007.03.11. The Word of God 1 on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross 2 I am the Son of God, the Father, true God from true God, of the same Being with the Father, the One by Whom everything were done and are done, and Who came down from heaven and became a Man born of a Virgin, and then I was crucified on the cross by the unbelievers, but I was resurrected through the cross, and after I had taught My disciples and the faithful ones the faith and its work and theirs in My name over the earth, I went to be again near the Father on His right side, and now, according to the promise from the Scriptures, I come again, and behold, I raise a faithful people to Me, a hand of disciples, to teach them that My kingdom, which I have brought down on earth by My heavy cross, will not have an end, for the Holy Spirit, Who brings life and Who makes life in man, is glorified from the Father and from Me, as He has been glorified by the prophets, and He strengthens a holy church on the earth, with God on its table, body and word, to the forgiveness of the sins of the faithful ones, who sanctify themselves for God and to the resurrection of the creature, that the life of the future age may come down on earth. Amen. Oh, My heavy cross, My people of today, was the man’s unbelief. I came from the Father to search out the people to whom God gave His promises, but that people was not faithful to God and to My sending to it from the Father as it was prophesied, and He treated Me as a wrongdoer upon God and upon man, for the man in whom God does not live with His will, with His Spirit, is a proud man, who spoils his body in him, the dwelling place of My kingdom in man. When the man’s mind behaves this way before Me and before the man as after the Spirit of God in it, then the man is ruled by his will itself and he has not got God as his Master, and God’s kingdom does not have a rest in him, and God suffers from man, and the man is My pain and My heavy cross, My people. However, you should humble yourself much for Me and for My suffer- ance, even if you do not know the mystery and the reward of your humility, for the man’s being is mysterious, and the man works with it without knowing good or evil, and I, the Lord, get comforted Myself or suffer from man, and I carry on with this mysteriously, for the Spirit is the One Who knows and not the body, My people. Oh, the man’s humility with God is great and comforting, the humility for Me, the One Who suffered and suffer from the man’s unbelief, for this is My heavy cross, and the man does not know what the Lord’s cross is. Oh, My comfort is great from the man who comforts Me in My heavy cross! And as the proud man does not know his pride, as the haughty one does not feel his haughtiness and does not know the damage that comes from it, in the same way the one who is truly humble does not know his humility and he has always humbled for the fruit of the humility by which he knows what he gets by fighting for the day of his victory from the One Who rewards the works of the man with good or evil, and behold, the humble one with his heart is My com- fort and My work on the earth, My people. Then I had comforting disciples, and I also want to have disciples now, and I teach you to be My comforting disciple, son of My people of today, who hear My godly voice over you. Oh, love God with all your soul, with all your heart and with all your mind and with your good work, and you should also love your neighbor as God has loved the man and gave breath of life to every man who is born on the earth and to all that are born and receive a soul in them. I need comforting 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1