The Word of God in Romania 2007.02.12 - The Word of God at the feast of the t - Page 3

2007.02.12. mystery and the power of the brothers from above among brothers. Those who love each other in the spirit of the heavenly brotherhood do not draw the fruits of the brotherly love to them- selves, but, on the contrary, they always, always give them to each other on earth as in heaven, for love cannot work otherwise, because it is that which does not look for its own things, and behold how far the people from the holy truths are, which they have nowhere to learn from and to get used with them in their work for their life. Oh, My people, I want you to be My fulfilled commandment, for the whole life is a commandment, and the people have violated the commandment of life and the life that loves with the love, which does not seek after its own benefits and which multiplies itself in man giving itself further, and not working otherwise. Oh, My people, whenever I can speak to you, I get comforted. Be comforted as well with My speaking and get rich with it and always work the mystery and the power of the broth- erly love, the love from above, for the place where the brothers live together has to be a place which burns giving light on the sides and which it gives itself to God then as the spring and offering of sweet fragrance, to the confirmation of My blessing over those who love themselves within Me, and loving each other, they become My kingdom, My rest, the heaven for God, and they also become the light of the world by the spirit of peace and of the holy brotherhood among them, and further, they become ways among themselves for those who are saved. Amen, amen, amen. 12-02-2007 Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: 3