The Word of God in Romania 2007.02.11 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of the fearful judgment

2007.02.11. The Word of God 1 on the Sunday of the memorial of the fearful judgment 2 The heaven of saints and angels wait for Me to speak a word of food in the midst of My people of word from now and which has its dwelling place in the hearth of the Romanian people Let there be waiting within the gates! Let there be God as word over the earth, children from the gates! Oh, I know that you are tender, I know, sons, I know, but My saints and My angels need warm food, and those who know now to seek after Me with you also need to rest their souls with My food on the table with you. Oh, I have always, always spoken a word to be fulfilled and I told you that you may be strengthened within the gates, and day and night to be supported for My powers in you, for My descent as word on the earth, children sons. Oh, I am so aggrieved and so much devoid of help within My sufferance! Oh, how much you are weakened in My power in you! If this power does not work, then it does not multiply too, it does not grow in man, when it is not shared to be working over the life of the one who takes it when is shared. Oh, keep away from pains and be strengthened, children from the gates. They want to protect you from pains and morning, and long ago, I said that you would be cradled within comforts to gather strength, for the Lord speaks this. Amen. Oh, people of My word, I take care of you, for you are My son, but I wait from you power and comfort for Me, My people. Oh, be diligent in the spirit of the holy love for your Lord, because I, the Lord, feed you with non-perishable food, incorruptible, as those who eat of My table have to be present as well. I have the table of the kingdom of the heaven into your midst and I have opened its window and door wide open for the nations of the earth to enter and take from My table and to learn the works of life, the work of their salvation, My people. The man has to work the works of his salvation all the time and he has to know them to be able to work them. They are the mercy and love for it. They stay in the way of the man that the man may be able to work them before Me, and no one can say that he has nowhere to work them and how to work them. The man needs to have mercy on Me all the time, and he needs to do these with great love and longing, for the man does not do them otherwise. For love one needs love and longing, My people, and when the man cannot work that way, he has no love and cannot share mercy; he cannot share life to the one who does not have works for a saving life before Me and among the people. Oh, My people, the man is not afraid of punishment over his life, of judgment for his works, and I, the Lord, will call or depart the man when I stand before him with a question in the day of the fearful judgment and when he asks Me: “When, Lord, have I done these so that You may receive Me now? on the other hand “When have I not done these that you cast me out now because I have not done them that I have not worked the mercy and love for it?”. The people do no longer have the gift of mercy for God, My people, for in order that the man may have it, he has to learn the work and its work, and only then the man can work it before Me, for the love heals the man from his self, and without it the man cannot have his clean mercy and to give to Me from it, for it is shared to those who are loved by Me in their work, and this is how it serves Me for the saving works of the man and which works for eternal life for him, life with 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1