The Word of God in Romania 2006.07.02 - The Word of God on the third Sunday after the Whit Sunday

2006.07.02. The Word of God 1 on the third Sunday after the Whit Sunday 2 I want to be led by My word to My people in order to teach it, and to teach it again and again. And what shall I teach it? I want to teach it the wisdom of salvation and its work in those who have given themselves willingly over to My path with the man on the earth. Amen. I want that the gates to be lifted up and to be well fixed in the hinges and then to be opened so that I may lay down food for salvation for the people to eat and that they may not to miss food. And if he does not eat with the food on the table, he does not like food from God and neither with God. Moreover, if the people does not grow, it does not grow because it does not eat, and it does not grow because it is not a child, for the grown people do no longer grow up but they grow less instead. Only the one who is a child, only that one grows up, only that one needs father and mother, only that one knows to stay within God. Amen. Oh, sons of this word giving of eternal life! I speak with you by the words of the wisdom of salvation, so that every man on the earth may hear My teaching. There are only waves on the earth and the people do no longer feel them. Let every man hear from Me, that the watchman who sees the wave coming has to let the people on the earth know about it, either if he is obeyed or not. It is heard on the earth the false teaching upon man. The man teaches another man to his own destruction, to his separation from God for a good living on the earth, and he calls this lying and dyed plan, he calls it the raising of the standard of living. Oh, the man does not need such a plan, but the man needs God and not a living on the earth. There is no one to teach the man the living with God and from God. There is no longer any man with the spirit of revelations from God to tell him those that are not seen and those which catch the man under him without him seeing their hostile face in the man’s life. I have mercy on My Romanian country. I am into its midst with the spirit of revelation, a spirit ministered by angels for a holy law on the earth, and it, My poor country, sleeps unknowingly in front of the waves, which try to strike in it and to enslave its gift and beauty from Me. Oh, you do not need a standard of living, as the man calls the lawlessness of this lie, My dear country! I have in you the word from My mouth and I want to open your mind to under- stand like God and not like man, for all those that you have to know are written into the Scrip- tures, but read with Me in order to know from Me, My country. Oh, do no longer rejoice over the trap, which is set for you to believe that you will have a good living on the earth, because your happiness and emancipation from slavery do not come from man, but your fate is to be on the earth from God. You need a living with God, but you do no longer know this wisdom of salvation as your forefathers knew it. You do no longer have spiritual people in you to lead you to Me and Me to you, and that you may believe from God and not from man, My country. Oh, it is hard without light on the earth. There is no longer light on earth, and I am into your midst, and you do not know to reach out your hand to Me to save you from the perishing spirit of this age. However, I teach the people of My word so that you may receive teaching from Me and to stay before Me, to stay at My mouth, which springs for you the river of life, 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1