The Word of God in Romania 2006.01.07 - The word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Birth

2006.01.07. The word of God 1 at the feast of the Lord’s Birth 2 I sing for you, My people, the song by which the announcing angels in the night of My birth on the earth sang to the little shepherds from the sheep, telling them to go down into the citadel of Bethlehem to find Me born of the Virgin and then to preach Me over the ages, that I came from the Father to bring the sacrifice to the man’s salvation and to bring the eternal king- dom, not understood by the man’s mind and which cannot perceive God’s mysteries. I sing to you, My people, and I sing to you with the angels of My birth: Glory to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the highest in heaven and down on earth, peace, and into your midst My will between brother and brother, to My glory and yours, My people. I comfort with you the days of the glory of My name, up in heaven and down on earth. I comfort with you the spirit of the feasts and I want to strengthen your spirit for the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to dwell in it. For two thousand years I have been coming down with power over the earth, and after My resurrection I went up to be on the right side of My Father, but the man does not receive from Him. Only My disciples received from Him, and the heaven suffers because the mystery of My disciples does not come to the mind and to the heart of those who call themselves so on earth. They give each other this name, those who put on the garment of the servant of the heaven on earth, and the heaven suffers because of this hypocrisy, and the birth from above does not stick to them, since they do not love Me at least as they love themselves. The celebration of My day of birth, I am with it among you, for you are the people of My word now, which is coming and is coming again to give birth to the world again. I am with you, I am with the days of the new birth of the world, I am the One born in the citadel of the Bethlehem of Judea of two thousand years ago from the mother Virgin, and I am the One Who is born into this citadel in which I have gathered you together at the voice of My word, which announces the new birth of all that were done and which keep on passing away since the man passes away and does not want to remain and to do My work. I have strengthened with My Holy Spirit, the Comforter, My entrance into the book to be with you in a feast of birth, My people. I have strengthened My children who are My path from heaven to earth, from the Father to the man. I want to be able to do more, for I have much work to do, and much you have to work for My power as well, My people, because the world has its way, according to the word of the Scripture, which says: «Let the one who is filthy be filthy still, for all have come to an end». I speak with the Father among those in heaven, among the saints and the angels, and We speak about the comfort that We had before Our descent into your midst, people of the word of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Whom the Lord waits from you to be comforted with you, for I sent Him upon the disciples two thousand years ago to be with My disciples to the end of the time, up to you, My people of today, and you should take great care to learn and to learn well the work and the love of a disciple. I expect nothing from you but the love of a disciple, the comfort of a son, for I have given you power to become My son and I have become one with you and I have become one with your body and this is how I have given you power, and you should work with it and do not let it be idle, because I do not put an end to My work, and He does not do it either, because the power is not idle. No power is stopped from its work, and I 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1