The Word of God in Romania 2005.10.27 - The Word of God at the feast of the devout Parascheva

2005.10.27. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the devout Parascheva 2 The angelic work of the coming down of My word on the earth to you to feed you so that you may live, My people, this work is served within a great glory by the angels in hosts, because the heaven has its angelic work for it over the earth, and the spirit of the darkness, that is God’s adversary, always comes into My way and he does not listen anyhow to stand aside so that I may pass on to you and to find the gates strengthened and they to open for Me to set a heavenly table and to keep you at it, My people, and that it may not perish from the way of the Holy Spirit of your soul and thus not to have someone to give it to God, from where it proceeds, because I, the Lord of the heavenly glory, spoke the mystery about the ten virgins, five foolish and five wise, for the salvation of the man, and I said it with great sorrow, and by it I have taught the man faithful to My name, the one from the Father, not to play with his vessel, not to stay naked and not to stay by himself, but rather to stay as My light in him, to find him as My light when I always, always come accompanied by the angels who always, always speak in glory and in mystery upon you: «Behold! The Bridegroom is coming!» (Matt. 25:6) (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb”, r.n.) My coming as word, carried by angels in glory upon you, My people, is being perfected by a great, great beauty, the more so as the angels of the darkness in man cut My way to My vessels out of which I feed you with the life of My word, they cut My way to the place where I have My dwelling place and the gates of entrance for My coming. If the man saw the angels of the darkness fighting for the man’s destruction in order that I may have him as Mine, the man would get scared and fall overcome with great terror, and it would happen to him the same way if he saw the glory of the cherubim, seraphim and angels, when I come and work out My coming down for man to give the man food from heaven, for his incor- ruptibility. (See the selection topic „The mystery of humankind salvation - the mystery of in- corruptibility”, r.n.) However, I strengthen My way and I sit on it with My power, out of which I give to those who are bearers of God’s glory within His coming after the man, because if I would not settle down into My bearers when I come and walk on to the earth for My works written in the Scriptures to work them out, then I, the Lord, would stay aggrieved, like the angels of My descent, who would stay the same way. However, I stay with power, as I am, and My power keeps in its mystery and in its work those who were and are My stairway to heaven, the descent of the Lord and of His saints on earth to the people, where the angels of the darkness have their work opposing to God and to man. People, people nourished from heaven! He who is nourished from heaven, that one is from heaven, and the darkness of the evil spirits do not enter it. People, people overshadowed by the angelic glory of My descent to you! Oh, the one who learns from Me to watch and then watches, that one is a vessel with oil, and I become a burning candle in that one and I walk with it on the earth, and I become the light of the world when I can do this, when I can be in the world to be its light. Oh, people with a table from heaven before you, with the vessel full of Christ, a vessel full of oil on your table! You should know that the spirit of the darkness hides is face to receive it. You should not become his vessel. Do not become his word. You should not be his servant, son. Learn from your teachers that are upon you what God’s 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1