The Word of God in Romania 2005.02.15 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Meeting (Candlemas)

2005.02.15. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Lord’s Meeting (Candlemas) 2 You should wait for Me, you should receive Me, My people, and you should wait for Me when I come to you. When you know that I come, you should give Me power to come, you should sprinkle with longing on My way, for your longing for God binds the heaven with the earth, My people. You should welcome Me with longing and you should wait for Me with sighing in your waiting, because it is very hard for the heaven and for the earth without God on earth as word, children from the gates. I find you My gates and by your waiting for Me I find you. I find you with a sighing longing after Me to come and to save you from sufferance, oppressions and waiting, and to set My will on the earth and in man. However, My heaven is so close to the earth, it is so far away from man and the man does not feel My closeness, My walking, My word, My eye after him and My hand ready to remove the distance, which is nothing else but unbelief, not love and not the man’s view, because of those that are so close to him and which separate man from God, children sons, watching in the way of My word, which becomes heaven between Me and you, the council of the heaven, the sufferance of the heaven by which I want, sons, to embrace the people of My word to make him feel Me closer to him, for the heaven that is so close to the earth, so truthful on the earth, is so far away from man and the man does not feel Me with him on earth, because he wanders away among the evil spirits, and those are that make the separation between heaven and earth, and these separate Me from My fellowship with the man, from My heavenly living on earth and full of sufferance from man and for man. Two thousand years ago, I came near to man and I could not be known and loved by man. I could not spend time with the man then either, and only two or three hearts waited for Me and received Me and saw Me and believed Me and loved Me and followed Me and appre- ciated Me as Messiah, the One sent by the Father to become man on earth, and then to make My disciples after that, and they to be My house on earth. Amen. My mother, the Virgin, and the old Joseph took Me and dedicated Me after forty days from My birth on earth. They brought a cleaning sacrifice for My birth from the Virgin, for I came to be a man, and to be as close to the man on earth as the heaven is from the earth. But it was not so. The earth was far from heaven and I was not known by the people in the midst of which I was born and grew and I did the work of My father for the people to know that I came out from the Father. Oh, if the man were faithful as were those who received from the Father by the spirit of prophecy the revelation of the mystery of My coming on earth, I would appear with you in all My glory upon you and I would appear with the heaven so close to the earth, a miracle of new age, a broken light from the Father’s being, heaven and earth together working and raising up the kingdom of My heavens upon you, speaking and confessing children of the heaven so close to you. I work with you and upon you within a great mystery, for the man, would not see, as two thousand years ago, and he would not believe or love God, for those who are close to him become a curtain of sufferance between Me and man, and I cannot do anything more before the unbelief, before such a small measure of the man, of his view, of his faith, of his humility and 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1