The Word of God in Romania 2005.01.14 - The Word of God at the feast of the Saint hierarch Basil, the Great

2005.01.14. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Saint hierarch Basil, the Great 2 We come down into the book of My word in My days with you, children from the gates. Amen. When you open for Me to speak, the whole invisible heaven is full of awe, for there is no waiting and awakening on earth as that among those from heaven, because those on earth have eyes and do not see with them, they have heart and do not feel with it like those in heaven, even if the word comes out of My mouth and sets into its book on earth. The eyes of the man should see with the spirit from the man, at least, but the man needs faith to wait with awe for those that are and are not seen. However, they are seen by those in heaven and they are confessed on earth by My Spirit and by the spirit of My saints. Amen. It is written into the Scriptures that «the Spirit of God judges everything, He searches everything, up to My deepest things», if the man is made divine and waits with awe for the wind of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit Who has been waiting for seven thousand years for the man to be like God, for the man to be able to speak with God, if he has faith, and if the man has love. Oh, how beautiful was the work of My Spirit over Cornelius’ house, the one in the time of My apostles, a righteous man and one who feared God and who always prayed to Me within his spirit to bring salvation over his house and comfort at his expectation! I sent My angel in the time of his evening prayer and I told him that I would fulfill his prayer, for it was heard in heaven and it would come back to him with what he had requested. I sent Peter, the apostle, to him, who confessed Me as Messiah, the true One in word and deed, the reason for which the priests put Me to death, and then My Father resurrected Me with His power in Me after three days, according to the Scriptures, which spoke about Me. Oh, how beautiful is the man to God, the one who has fear for God and prayer through it and a gentle and humble spirit, which reaches to heaven! Oh, how beautiful is the man who does not doubt of Me, for that one does My will diligently in him, for the Spirit of God in man has hopes for everything and then he believes them with patience, and he puts Me with love in his being full of holy pleasure, for this is how God in man is. Amen. Oh, My people, it is a feast of loving holy people of God into your midst. Since My holy people have been on earth I have been taking from them the things that I have been well pleased with in them, for they have been doing My will and have had My Spirit, Who has been seeking for the Father after their life has become My dwelling place. Oh, how much I helped the man in the time of My body and then by My Saints, who took after Me in love and mercifulness, and through these to draw the man to the Father! I could not do greater things for the man than help him in his needs and weaknesses, to make him know Me and to long after Me and the people to confess Me to one another. Oh, all the people have got used to My goodness, with the help from Me, and I have not been able to rely on man for Me too, because the man thinks only at himself when he thinks at Me. Oh, few, very few people were and are on earth to deny themselves and to follow Me in order to be able to work My will in them and to do it for Me, because I am the most helpless one, children from the gates. Oh, I have been looking at you how helpless you are, even if I have always spoken to the 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1