The Word of God in Romania 2005.01.09 - The Word of God at the feast of the first martyr and archdeacon, Stephen

2005.01.09. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the first martyr and archdeacon, Stephen 2 My birth from the Virgin, the miracle by which, I, God, the Son, was born a child on the earth two thousand years ago, was the humility of the Father, a miracle that does not enter the man’s mind, for his mind is small in order to be able to humble himself when God speaks to him by miracles, and that is why God came on earth, was born and grew with a gentle character, both inside and outside of Him, covering His glory, for the man is small and is not born of the heaven in order to be able to perceive the heavenly things that have come on earth under the image of humility, covering their glory before man, for it is written: «The man cannot see God within all His glory and to remain alive». (Ex. 33:20) Under the way of My humility, the man could see Me for thirty three years on earth, and in whom I put the gift of the humility of spirit, those could see Me that I was God, the Son, the messenger of the Father sent after the man, and I fulfilled My work, for the man is the one who fulfills My works on the earth, and I cannot fulfill them without man, but I need a gentle and humble man in his heart, just as I am, because of the man if not so, he cannot believe in those that come from God among the people, which cover their glory in order that they may be able to come. Amen, amen, amen. The memorial of My birth two thousand years ago would be to make the man even more humble, and to have more room within him for God, for I completely humbled Myself in order to be able to come down on earth, but if the man does not have any room in his heart for My humility, then he rejoices and exalts himself within him at the remembrance of God’s miracles and makes the days of My humility into his days of joy, for him, and not the days of the humility of spirit and of the fruit of holy faith, which is to bring forth in him the gift of the humility of spirit, which would teach him about this mystery, for great mystery is the gift of the humility of spirit, and the heavenly mysteries, which come on earth, for the man’s making does not enter into the man’s heart, because the man is not made and there is no one to make him after that. On earth there are two kinds of people: the human kind and the Christian people. The human kind bears the name of the sons of people, and the Christian people bears the name of the sons of God. I came on earth completely in the image of man, for I died like the man in order to destroy in My body the death, the last enemy, which the man has to destroy, but with My power in him and not with his power. However, the man does not come closer to know this miracle, working out the new man in man. However, the man has to destroy the sin in his body after he comes to remember the death of the man built by My hand out of clay, and to whom I said that if he did not listen, he would surely die. Oh, sons of God, and you, sons of people! The man cannot sin but only after he dies, for first the sin is conceived in his mind and then it goes down into his body and kills the man’s heart by its poison, and the man loses the power of his soul and agrees with the reward of the sin, and this is how the man dies and this is how he becomes the dwelling place of the devil, which took the man out of the paradise, which I established on earth for the man to be in My image and after My likeness and not to become a devil by disobedience and insubordination, works that the man does and by which he becomes a god over himself. 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1