The Word of God in Romania 2004.07.22 - The Word of God, thirteen years from the laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of New Jerusalem

2004.07.22. The Word of God 1 , thirteen years from the laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of New Jerusalem 2 My godly hand is blessing from the Father with power and with the work of the angels and of the saints the feast of the laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem on earth. My hand is steadfast covering with all the heavenly powers My place of threefold feasting of the New Passover, and My disciples of two thousand years ago always work with powers of bishop, always at My table of new Passover within the new king- dom of My Father, for I give My Father all My earnings, all My work and I also give Myself always to Him, for He gave all things to Me, and I work in Him and I give Him everything that I work, and I also submit Myself to Him, for I am His perfect disciple. Amen, amen, amen. Listen to My voice and put it down into the book, children who stay as the gates of My entrance into Jerusalem and into the book, sons. I want to feed My people who left the world to become My inheritance, My kingdom, and to keep it by My angel and to glorify Myself over it with great signs and with a great protection, for I am its Comforter from the Father and I am the word upon it. Amen. I am the Almighty One, and the man is weak and feeble and I only can take care of My people and I teach it to love its Creator and to be patient waiting for Him, for the man on earth is not used to wait, to be patient and to love My hard way after man, and that is why I suffered and I cried with all My body, blood and water, for every man who is not used to waiting for God and to walk patiently on His way as the saints were patient working for their crown from Me, for the crown of the patience of the saints. Amen. I am the merciful One and I keep My vine and My inheritance, and for this victory you have to stay well set in a spirit of patience and to serve Me only with a spirit of obedience between Me and you, between you and those who guide you for Me, My people Jerusalem. Oh, it is a great feast in heaven and on earth for the Father, for the Son and for the Holy Spirit and for all the heavenly powers of the saints and angels, My people. I exhort you to prayer with longing and with sweetness in it before Me, for the man without insistent prayer and al- ways well pleased to Me is caught by the devil, and that is why I told My apostles through the Spirit and to My disciples: «Love one another with all your power», and this is nothing else but work of Holy Spirit between brother and brother, between disciple and disciple, for only in this way the man remains into Me and I into Him, and the one who does not get used to the face of the Holy Spirit in him, he who does not give Me food from him with the work of Holy Spirit, that one stands up and throws Me down for him. However, I teach you to be My kingdom, My people, because I feed you always with it, and you shall fight for the love that I put into your midst with all your power, (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) for you to have life through it, son, and it is woe to the man who eats bread alone, and that is why I give the man from the table of My word, which has become My love in you, Jerusalem of today, and even the king, or the judge, or the worldly shepherd, or the seller, or the one, who does not fulfill My word, or any other foreign spirit that has not got anything in Me, could not overcome it from its being, because I am the Almighty One and I can work with all those who are covered 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1