The Word of God in Romania 2004.02.01 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee - Page 6

2004.02.01. also look at you and see, and let it also see that you see it as well and that I also see it, and let it look at Me seeing with its eyes open and not to see Me as in a dream, for I have always, always looked at it and I want to see that it is the one that watches with great and wonderful wisdom, for I, the Lord, said that it would have watched in vain if My people had not wisdom. Amen. Now, I am resting in you with a thankful spirit, because we have been able to put the spirit of teaching over Jerusalem, sons who have been sharing the holy word. Now, sons, let us wait kneeling down before the Father and before the people, for we wait for the walking on the feet, a walking of the Holy Spirit, for I have told you that it is only on our knees that we have to go if we want to teach the man to walk. Oh, it is on the knees that we have to go on, guiding sons, for I made the man in the beginning kneeling down and crying, and now, in the end, the work of the making of the man is the same, and We have to work with you, kneeling down and crying, We Who work out the making of the man and the new heaven and the new earth for the man; to make the man out of man once again, kneeling down and sighing and crying. Amen, amen, amen. 01-02-2004 Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: 6