The Word of God in Romania 2004.02.01 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee - Page 4

2004.02.01. they have into their hands when their hearts do not prove the same thing, or whom does he receive in his body when his deed does not prove that his God is with him then. Oh, guiding sons, I am the wonderful One within and among the brothers, and that is why I come and tell you to teach My people and My servants to say when they pray, to speak about the Lord, Who is wonderful within and among the saints, for in whom the Lord is wonderful, that one is a holy and wonderful man. Amen. Jerusalem, I want to hear the whole word into your midst, so that you may also be holly and entirely and in debt, son. I want you to say this: “Save us, Son of God [H\Bۙ\[][[[[ۙHZ[[[ZXZ [[ZXZ [[ZXZ ]HY\Hۂ\˸'H[Y[ ^H[KHY[[\H X]\]^HZYYX[[]^H\HۛHY^H\Hۙ\Y H\Hۙ\Y[Y[\[\Y\[[ݚ[ۙ\Y\HX][[Y\H[[Y[[X][[\H]BHXZ]Y[[[Y][[\[[Z[]K\\HܚYYܙHH]\\˜Hݚ[[ؙYY[ۋ[Y[ ۜZYH^H[KHZYH\]H [H]ۙHYH\\[]H[]H]\KHܙ Z[ ۛ[YH]]\\˜HHZYHHHZHXY[[^H[]X]\H\H\HZYH]HBܙ ]\\܈HZYHX]\HH\HZYH[H\[YY܈\X\ۈ[X]\H\\\]ۈX\ ]\^H[H\HX][ۈX\[\X\ []\ۛ]]YX[^H^\\H]HX[ۈX\  ]\\܈BZYK]܈H\HZYY]\X\Y\Y^H][\[\HZYY ۜˈZ ]\X\\HHHZYH]\[\ۙ\X^H]HH܈H[HXݙBHX][[[܈HH[ۈX\ X]\HYH\X[^\]H\\]\[H[[وH[X\H܈ KHܙ [[H]B\[H\[܈HHXݙK]]\H[]H\][]\[[ۈ[\[[ۙ\[[HܚوHH\][H[YHو[HܚۙBH[ [\\HHܚۙHH[\܈HKYHۙH\\ܚB\[\XYH\] HY[\܈HܚH[\Y[[HY[\܂Hܚ]H\] ܈YHۙH\ܛۙ]\]]HۙH\›Z\ZK[\ܚH\[\܈HK[HH\XYH\]HBKۈH[وH[\HۙH\ܛۙZX\ݙ\Y[ۙH[x&\Z\ZB[Hݙ\\ۈZ\Z\]] [][HY\ZXK]X\H\BZ\Z\[H[YH^KZ]\X]\Hو][H܈X]\Hو\XZۙ\\و[ܛۙ[HX[ZH]ܙ]]Hܚ[HZ\Z\\HY\[HX[›X[]ۈH[وHH[HHܛۙ\H[Y܈Z\\[[HBH\Hۙ[ۈ[ܙ\]X[HX^H[ۈZ\YܙH[Z[[K[Y[ \HۜHۙY[[ۈ܈HYHوX[HHH[ۈ\™Y][ۈ\ۙY\[]\HH[ۈ\Y] [HۙHۈ\šۙY\\܈X[HHXH[ۈZ\ۈY]  H]HۛHۈ\ۙY\YH[XXHX[[ۈ\Y]  HX[H]Hۈ\ۙY\]]\܈\]H[ܞKXY[ۜX]\H]\[\^H]HXYHHX[