The Word of God in Romania 2004.02.01 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee - Page 3

2004.02.01. Oh, My people, you should not remain in your love, but rather you should remain in My love, for you have to know what your prayer is and where its power comes from and what your life is and where its love comes from. Your speaking with those who carry Me into your midst and to you has to be a speaking of the Holy Spirit, for if you do not do so, the evil spirit tries to mark you down with a wrong doing against the Holy Spirit, Who is from Me in those who carry you to Me and Me to you, and of whom He works upon your church, upon your assembly. Otherwise the church would not have any life of Holy Spirit, but it would rather have something else, which does not mean the spirit of life, the spirit of church. I spoke through those who are teachers from Me for you that the man has to smile only for God and not for man; that the man has to be joy only for God, and only then to be joy for the man who becomes godly out of this joy. Amen. The useful brotherhood for Me has to be seen in the fulfilled prayer. When the prayer is not answered and when the brothers who have come together in prayers do not receive the answer at their requests, it means that they were not one in their prayer. It is written in Psalms about those who stay in the Lord’s house, in the Lord’s courtyard, the Lord’s servants to praise the Lord and to raise their holy hands at night, and the Lord, Who made the heaven and the earth, the Lord from Zion will bless them. Amen. Oh, sons, learn from the spring of My word; the prayerful man’s raising his hands to God is embracing God, for he is careful then of My union with him and he is just the union, for the heart prays and it makes the hands to be raised. The same is also with the reaching the hands among the brothers into My name for forgiveness, for reconciliation, for love between brother and brother and for My peace among the brothers. Oh, sons, if in your hard times or difficult shortcomings only one is absent from the supplication brought before Me, that one is not accomplished because of the one who does something else than praying, which asks for the church. When Moses chose his people for Me out of the people for the spirit of prophesy, the power of his spirit was also seen over those who were not there, for his spirit also came down upon those who were named, where they were. Oh, let you not be found together only in number, and not at your place of meeting sons, but let you be found one in your prayer, sons. When the priest carries Me into his hands (At the Holy Liturgy, r.n.), and he has not got Me in him, this is for Me a greater pain than that on Golgotha, where I suffered for the man’s separation from Me. However, there were so many hearts there that were carrying Me in them just as a priest carries Me, who is on Golgotha when he has Me into his hands leading Me with his pain in him on the way to the cross, crying for Me, the One Who was forsaken by the man’s heart, which was careless of God, Who keeps the heaven and the earth by His love for the man. Oh, sons who are set by Me as guides for My people, tell to the sons of Israel (To the Romanian Israel, r.n.) that it is one thing for the man to do miracles with God and it is another thing for the evil spirit to do miracles through the man, for life without God turns the man into a devil, and the man becomes a Pharisee near God. Tell the sons of Israel not to boast themselves that they pray, or fast, or do My commandments, but tell them to boast with My praising in them instead, and let them reach out their hands to Me, so that I may give Myself with My life in them. Amen. I look at the churches from the world when the priest does not understand what he is, when the Christian does not understand what he is and that they do not have to forget whom 3