The Word of God in Romania 2004.02.01 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee - Page 2

2004.02.01. also say that they confess their sins like baptism upon them and then that they wait for the resurrection of the dead and for the life that is to come. I look at these and see that they are gathered together only in number but that they are not obedient, and they are not present at prayers or at prophesies, but they know what they say only on the outside of their spirit and that is all, and that they are gathered together only in number but not for prayer. Oh, My people, who I speak in My last days with, those who have been seeking to know the time of the saints and their living, it is not possible for them not to believe in God and in His power by the man who prophesies and prays with thankfulness and loves fulfilling My love in him. The Pharisee’s prayer of thanks was considered as pride and the tax collector’s was counted as repentance and baptism for the forgiveness of his sins. Pride is debauchery, for whoever does not love the Lord, but himself, by everything he does and feels and shares, that one commits fornication by everything he does, as I have taught you to speak to the people of My word, children who have learned from Me to spread My teaching on every side then. The anger at one’s own self is fornication outside the man’s body, for the man does not have Me as His God when he does so, because it is written: «Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body». (1 Cor. 6:18) He who loves pride, that one is not a peacemaker between him and God, for the one who does not make peace, cannot make a greater peace than the peace in his works between him and God, between him and his neighbor, and this kind of peace is self-love and it is not on behalf of God. If the man is true in prayer when he asks Me to forgive his sins as he also forgives the one who does him wrong, then I am also as real as in everything he tells Me by what I have taught him to speak in his prayer, and this is how the man is with all his prayer that he brings before God. The peacemakers are not those who make peace between man and man, for the man’s works do this, but are those who separate the man from the works that separate him from Me, and I am the One Who have been long enduring with the man while waiting for him to repent, and it is not good for the man to be stiff-necked concerning his repentance, which opens the door to Me, just as the tax collector with ѡ́ѕȁ她5ɍ䁽)ѡ́$Ѽݡ$݅́ЁѼѡȁѼѡAɥ͕͕)Ёȁ͕䁩Ցѡͥȁݡ݅́Ʌ她Ѽɝٕٔѡɽ)Ѡ)=5ѡݽɐɍ́ɕЁѕ丁Q́ѕ䁵́ɅȰЁ)ɕхЁ́ɽ䁥ѡMɥЁձͽ=$̰ٔ݅݅)԰ȁ5݅э唁݅́ȁԁ́ѡ݅Ёȁѡȁɕɕѥ)$̰ٔ݅݅́ԁͼѡЁԁ䁙ձѡ́Mɥɔѡ!Mɥ)]́Ё5䁵Ѡ$ձаȁ5ٽ́ɽ5́$ɽͥѡЁ$)ݽձݽɬѡȁ݅ЁȁȁٽȁȁɽѥݽɬѼ݅)ѡMѡ͕ѥѽ胊yQȁ5ٽtȹ)=5ԁ͡ձЁAɥ͕ЁɅѡȁԁ͡ձ͕Ѽ)Ѽȁȁ䁕ٕѡԁɔȁݡ͕́Ѽ́ݸݥѡ)ɕ́ݥѠ́ݸݽɭ̰Ёݥѡ5ݽɭ̰$ͅ5ݽɑ́ѡЁѥ)ѡ́ѥ I5䁱ٗ 츁MȁѡݥѠѕȁͽȁѡ́́ݡЁѡ)Mɥɔ̰͔ѡѕȁ݅́ɥ́ѡݽɑ́ɔ԰Ё)хȁ5䁱ٔ(