The Word of God in Romania 2004.01.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the L

2004.01.19. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism (The Epiphany) 2 My voice is My Spirit, Who opens the heavens and comes down on earth as word, the same as the voice of My Father was heard at the river Jordan, when I, His Son, let Myself to be baptized by John, and the Father opened the heavens and the Holy Spirit came down on Me in the image of a dove, and He said: «You are My beloved Son with Whom I am well pleased». (Matt. 3:17) My voice from the Father is the voice of My Father in Me, and the heavens open in a day of Epiphany and I speak this word of the Holy Spirit and I bless and sanctify the waters because it is written: «The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the Lord over many waters. The Lord will bless His people». Amen, amen, amen. I come down from heaven with a spirit of Epiphany in the garden of the meeting and its sky is filled of all the hosts of angels and of saints and here is the whole heaven, for I am here and the waters hear My voice upon them and they know it, and I make My word into waters, for they obey the One Whom they know. Amen. Two thousand years ago, after I came out of water of My baptism of Jordan, the Father opened the heavens and made the Holy Spirit come down upon Me, so that He might make Me known. If someone asks himself why John had to come to baptize with water and to be called the bap- tizer, the answer is found in his mouth when the priests and the Levites asked him: «What do you say about yourself?» And he answered them: «I baptize in water, but among you stands One Whom you don’t know. He is the One about Whom I have spoken: after me there comes a man Who was preferred before me, because He was before me and I did not know Him, but for this reason I came baptizing in water: that He would be revealed to Israel and I have seen the Spirit descending like a dove out of heaven and it remained on Him. I did not recognize Him, but He Who sent me to baptize with water, He told me: ‘On whomever you will see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him the same is He Who baptizes in the Holy Spirit.’ I have seen, and have testified that this is the Son of God». (John 1: 30-34) Amen. The beloved John also testifies and says: «The world was made through Him and the world did not recognize Him. He came to His own and those who were His own did not receive Him». (John 1:11) And My baptizer revealed Me to the world through the water of baptism and by the Holy Spirit descending from the Father upon Me and on the waters, for he was baptizing with water for repentance and for the forgiveness of the sins, speaking to everyone that the kingdom of the heavens had come near. Oh, it is a great and deep mystery for the man to see with the spirit and to see the Spirit as John, My baptizer, saw Him, and when the Scriptures was fulfilled through the Father which says: «The voice of the Lord over the waters, the God of glory thundered, the Lord over many waters». Amen. Behold, the gates were lifted up and I have come in you, Jerusalem, with a feast of Epiphany and with the Holy Spirit over the waters and with wisdom of mysteries, My people, for great is this mystery for the man to see the Spirit praying as John prayed to the One Whom sent him to baptize Me. Oh, how hard it is when I come through the wound of a spirit, for the man does not value God from man. When I find those in the gates with wounds in them, I pass through the wound 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by V.B. 1