The Word of God in Romania 2003.07.07 - The Word of God at the feast of the b

2003.07.07. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the birth of the Saint John, the Baptizer 2 I come down with difficulty and through the hard way and I speak as much as I can and how I can, but I speak, and I put My word of the day of today into the book, for it is a feast of a prophet, children who are receiving of the word of My mouth, children crushed by the suffer- ance and pains on earth. I work as well as I can and as you can also stand before Me, for you are much weakened, but I work for the memorial of the greatest among the prophets, John, the Baptizer. Amen. There has been no man on earth more despised than the prophet, a man more despised then God, the Son of Man, Who works with His Spirit among the prophets. There has been no man on earth and in heaven more crushed than God in Himself and in all His prophets, from everlasting to everlasting. If the people on earth had listened to the prophets and had followed in their life My word delivered by the prophets and that I Myself spoke in the time of My visible body on earth, the happiness would have been with the man. But behold, I speak today too, and I Myself come from the Father and I speak and the man does not want to put his happiness on him, the love for God, by which the man has all the peace, all the happiness and all the joy, which makes the man like Me. However, the man wants nothing from Me but his good, and when My longing is no longer in agreement with his desires, with his pleasures, with his joys, then the man throws Me away, dishonors Me for his name, and then My name, the God’s name is despised through him. I come down in pains, for everything that it hurts Me, it hurts you as well, and everything that it hurts you; it also hurts Me, children who stay fixed in pains and weaknesses for the glory of the work of My name, which accompanies you. Oh, you can hardly bear with My coming to you so that I may give then the word of My coming over the earth. Oh, you can hardly open up to My coming, for you are deeply wounded. However, My mother asked Me not to take, not to wipe out your pain so that you may be like Me and like her, sons oppressed by My cross upon you, by My coming for the salvation of the man. Put yourself in line with the Scriptures, and put yourselves in line with your sufferance for My name, with the sufferance of the holy proph- ets and apostles and give to the crushed people, as crushed by pains and by the mercy for you as you are, and give him the word of My feast of this memorial day of My prophet, John, the Baptizer. I do not know how and through whom I may creep in with powers for Me in you and to wipe out the tears in you and those on your little cheeks, and which make you beautiful and sweet before Me and before the prophets who cried like you in their time with Me over the people. It has never been a more despised man on earth, more wounded, more blamed and more deserted than the prophet and the Son God, the One Who was not welcomed by the power of the strong man. Oh, you are deprived of all the help on earth, but stand on My right hand, being patient until I put down to earth all the pain, which has been putting obstacles into My way with you, all the unbelief and strikes that has been weakening you in such a way that I may no longer be able to work in you. Be patient sons, and give the news to the people that the time of golden patience has already come and let the people be spiritual and let him occupy himself with pov- erty and prayer and with My wounded peace, which you too have among you, for I will comfort 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1