The Word of God in Romania 2003.06.01 - The Word of God on the sixth Sunday a

2003.06.01. The Word of God 1 on the sixth Sunday after Passover, of the blind man 2 I am the Light of the world, Jerusalem. I come and I open up My gates and I enter as word in My book with you and I teach you to stay in My light, because I have chosen you from the world and I have healed you, so that you may be able to see and to walk in the light, for the night is everywhere, My people. However, you should have Me as your guide and this is how you are supposed to see. Amen. I come again with a word of blessing upon you that you may get ready for celebration with the Holy Spirit in it, with much, much Holy Spirit in it, so that the spirit of man may take from Holy Spirit who will come to My celebration with you, to give light to the man and to make the man see, My people. Get yourself ready, son, and work with much peace and love and diligence for the preparation of My days with you into the midst of the people that I, the Lord, will gather from margins to margins into the garden of My meeting with the man, a garden in which the spirit of those who are asleep, who wait for their resurrection, has now, at the end of time, a dwelling for celebration, and I put those that I established as guides over you to bring them joys with My word upon you, a word that the dead in the tombs hear, in order to prepare their resurrection with the word, for I make them all by My word. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice”, r.n.) Oh, Romanian Jerusalem, I have made you with My word in your days as well, and with this word I want to anoint the man’s eyes and his ears, his mind, his heart and his love, to see, to hear and to understand and then to believe and to love My light by which I lead you through the thick darkness of the time of today, and in which no one, no one sees the light anymore. Oh, how shall one see it anymore? How, when they call the darkness light, as the blind people who do not need to see, if this is how they are taught, because they do not see and do not know what the eyesight is? Oh, how shall the blind people see, who do not see anything but the darkness in which they live? The Jews saw My light when I, the Lord and the God of Israel made the blind from birth see? Life without God, this is what the world calls light and this is how the world is taught and there is no one to tell it that My Holy Spirit have spoken through the proph- ets and said: «Woe to those who put darkness for light and light for darkness, and to those who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter, for the Lord will come and the mountains will tremble». (Is. 5:20, 25) Those who say that they see will fall down with their head into the dust, for those that are without God on their way do not see and are blind and have sin when they say that they see, and this sin remains upon them. However, My people of today, I made the blind man from birth see, and the rulers of the Jews judged Me that I violated their Sabbath, because I did this in a day of Sabbath, in their day of feast and their day of rest. They judged Me that I worked, but I worked out a miracle and not a human or earthly work and to the one who was blind and testified to them about the miracle of healing of his eyesight they judged him and said to him: «You were altogether born in sins, and do you teach us?» (John 9:34) Oh, My people, it was so blind the people of that time, which called itself God’s people by the grace of its forefathers from the beginning, through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1