The Word of God in Romania 2003.05.18 - The Word of God on the fourth Sunday

2003.05.18. The Word of God 1 on the fourth Sunday after Passover, of the paralytic 2 I take from your sleep and from the rest of your body, from its power and from your work for My people, work that makes your spirit tired, for you work with your spirit, children who receive My coming in word. Amen. Today is also a day for My teaching over the people, so much taught by God. It is a day of growth in faith, humility and miracles, children and sons, because you are into My hand as some children who serve their God more than My children who had been before you, for My time with you is a great time. It is the time of My word, which flows like a river, because God is no longer upon the man in a true way, for the man is mixed with his own self and I cannot be over this mixture, for no one comes back from death if one saw Me working from the man who is mingled with his own self, because this is what the man would say that I was: mixed with the things of the man. I had to make a fence around My work with you, so that I may keep you in Me, and in this way to be able to come down to you and for you to be My bridge, children sons. My word is written into the Scriptures: «He who does not receive My kingdom like a child, cannot enter it». Amen. Let servants and the rulers of the world church answer Me if they are children, and then if they receive My kingdom. Let them answer Me! But what are they to answer Me? They cannot answer you, let alone Me! How are they supposed to teach you what to do when they do not teach themselves and among themselves about God’s kingdom? How shall they teach you when I, the Lord, teach you? I would touch them to punish them for their unbelief into My coming to you as word, and for the reprimand they have been making to you whenever it has suited them. But woe to them, for neither of them will escape from the punishment they have prepared for themselves because they put in chains the one who stood witness among them to My work with you. (The bishop John Irineu, r.n.) If they had believed that I was that work, would My witness have confessed his unbelief anymore? The witness, whom I had among them and with whom I had been working a new beginning of new living church, which was not mixed with the lawlessness? I spoke and I speak again that the whole unbelief and contempt, which this one has been spreading among you now, have been because no one of them wanted to believe and become children and to receive the kingdom of God afterwards. What shall I do with those who are great in their eyes? I can do nothing. I cannot have any room in them no matter how much I would grow less in order to make them know Me by the spirit of My humility and then by the grace from above, which only those who are born from above have, and those from below do not have it. I will crush their greatness soon, soon, as I also crushed the bishop’s who had been fighting against you for seven years, (The bishop Basil of Târgovişte, to which the locality of Glodeni belongs and where the “New Jerusalem Holy Citadel” monastery is, r.n.), and then they fell and paid on earth with torment and sorrow the whole pile of stones, which they had thrown into you. I will crush their greatness because I do not need it, as I also do not need any honor from them, for I said: «I do not receive glory from the people». I do not receive it because I am the humble God and the man does not believe that I do not receive honor from him. What shall I do with the honor for Me from the one who does not love Me with his body, with his soul and with his spirit? 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1