The Word of God in Romania 2003.04.27 - The Word of God at the feast of the L - Page 3

2003.04.27. Lord, promised to fulfill it this way. If I had asked them, they would have not heard Me and they would have not believed Me, they would have not wanted to fulfill My word by which I also cried aloud to them for their resurrection. They are too big over the man and they hold on to their glory rather than Mine glory, which is consisted of My humility, faith, and love, which I, the Lord, have put in those who are humble, in those who are poor in their spirit, who know the kingdom of the heavens when it knocks at their door to open for its Lord, the Lord of the kingdom of the heavens. Amen. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) «Woe to the city, woe to the church, where there is no prophet in it» as it is written in the Scriptures. This prophecy of the Scriptures judges all the people on earth who do not have God among the prophets. Those who need God have God in their midst, for the Lord gives them to have. But those, who do not need God, have My adversary upon them, the man of lawlessness, whom, I, the Lord, destroy and I will always, always destroy with the breath of My mouth, with My trumpet voice, for I am the Almighty and I can do whatever I want. Amen. If the man can do, I can also do, and I can work as a God and not as a man, and I can work over the heaven and over the earth and over the man, and who can destroy what I do? Oh, Romanian Jerusalem, oh, My people of today, in whom I am well pleased to speak the word of My coming, the preparation for the salvation or for the judgment of the creature! Behold My church, the first one that has been built again. Amen. I had nothing else to choose from what the church of the world on earth is. I have chosen a servant, a witness of the building of My church again and I have built it for Me, for I have the spirit of prophecy by which I work and speak, and I have the voice of My word, which speaks above you as in heaven over the man that was built by My hand, oh, little garden of the miracles of My word! My witness of the church in the world (The Bishop Irineu, r.n.) was afraid like Peter and has denied the miracle of My coming now when I am coming to renew the creature by My word, full of resurrection. It does not matter that he was afraid. I did not stumble because of this and I walk resolutely in the pace of My coming, for in the time when he stood by this spring, he prophesied and said to the rulers of the church, that this work of word will keep going on and on, with him or without him, because it was not him that founded it in order that he may abolish it, and that he cannot tell Me: “Be quiet!” This word that he spoke was written by the angels in heaven and on earth and bears witness to his faith of that time, and no one can say in truth that the prophets had been only until John came. It is not true this meaning that was misinterpreted by those who have been throwing with stones in the spirit of prophesying, without which the church cannot be church. Then how comes that My first church and the one in the time of the apostles had prophets? How? Let those, who say that there have been no longer been prop