The Word of God in Romania 2002.10.27 - The Word of God at the feast of the devout Parascheva - Page 3

2002.10.27. And now it is the time of the third love, and it is crowning its mystery: the love at the end of the time, which is the reward of those who loved on earth with Your love, loving You with a burning longing, for the longing makes longing, because You have been carrying in Your being the longing after the man for seven thousand years. Your being is hidden now in those that carry You as word between heaven and earth, for it is the time of the third love, and it has its own ones, and You glorify Yourself in them with the glory of Your word, with this table of wedding, and at which Your saints sat, those who died and came back to life once with Your resurrection, and again, once again and once again, according to Your plan set for the kingdom of the saints on earth. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) When the saints look at Your plan with them, the one in Your hand, they rejoice seeing Your balance in Your hand, for now You are finishing to build, for every man, Your kingdom and its holy temple in Your resurrected body, which carries in it the tens of thousands of Your saints, for who is on earth that can comprise the mystery of Your love if You do not open his mind and then his heart, with Your word of resurrection of those who are dead? For behold, the dead, big and small, hear Your word of their resurrection, as it is written in Your book by John, (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.) but those who are alive in their bodies are caught in the race of the death and You do no longer know how to struggle to get clear of them and to have them for life, Lord. And now it is the time of the third love, and this crowns its mystery for the saints, and the saints stand to see its glory, and Your people of today, out of Romanians, is Your glory of today. And I am in my body on the Romanian land and I am a testimony of Your love in me, and my love in You in the midst of the Romanian people, a holy people through Your saints in their midst. Amen. Oh, people of the Lord now, at the end of the time! The saints from heaven receive blessing on earth in your midst. The saints bow under the hand of your anointing in your midst for the blessing of this time of love. And as for you, be refreshed from glory to glory and stay under the hand blessed by the Lord into your midst and take from it and get rich in grace and pour it out on earth then, for it is your time, the time of the third love, which crowns the mystery of God’s love for the man. Get up and sing of your time and its love, for your grace is great, because you are the small one from the end of the time, and you are carried on arms by the saints and on the wings of the angels, from glory to glory, and you have to be as great as the Lord’s glory upon you, and you have to be as great as the heaven on earth, the visible heaven, so that the man may come to the salvation spring and to find his Father, for the man lost his Father. Amen, amen, amen. ― And I am the Son of the Father, and the Father is in Me, and I am the kingdom of My saints, and I am your kingdom in Me, and I am My kingdom in you, oh, saints of the holy heaven! Behold the time of the third love, My people. Oh, Jerusalem at the end of the time, I have been waiting from speaking to speaking to speak to you again, for My work is the word, and when I do not speak to you, My work is stopped. My word on you makes you be wanted by many in heaven and on earth, My people. The time of the third love has come. Here you are, at its school with teachers tested by Me and by you, and I pour Myself out in them for you. Be careful with them, for in love there is no fear if it is perfect. I am the God of the righteous and of justice, through the faith of My righteous ones, but I cannot refuse My love in man anything, because it becomes God in man and it loves and forgives the man from its place, only for the man to be clean from his own self, for those outside of him cannot overcome him. Amen. The one who is cleaned from his own self is full of Me and I stay in him with My kingd