The Word of God in Romania 2002.10.27 - The Word of God at the feast of the devout Parascheva - Page 2

2002.10.27. has it. I am a just God, but I cannot refuse love anything, because it becomes God in man and loves and forgives the man from its place, only for the man to be clean himself, sons, and those that come from his outside cannot overcome the man. Amen. I sit at the table with you and with My saints with whom I come to you so that a table with saints may be with you. I am with hosts of saints, for this is how I am between earth and heaven when I come to you as word. The devout Parascheva 3 gives herself to you from the host of the devout people, a small word to the joy of her holy spirit in her time on earth, sons. Amen, amen, amen. ― Oh, My Lord and My God, the Bridegroom of those who love You on earth and in heaven! Their love, when it is You, the saints want You when they see You in their midst loving in them and from them, and the saints want the table of Your love among them, gentle and good Lord. I am praying in heaven before You and before Your Father, for this is the work of the saints near Your unseen glory. Sanctify them with Your truth. Teach them not to leave at random before You, for they love Your time with them in the midst of the people and are very great to those that have loved You within the greatness of their soul, far from the temptations, which come from the world, Lord. There is no greater love in man for You than the love, which loves cleanly and hotly from the midst of the people, Lord. Your first love among the people was with Your apostles, who gave You abundantly to many by signs and miracles for the faith in You of many in their time after Your ascending to the Father and after You fulfilled the mystery of Your love for the man on the earth, Your death and resurrection for each man. And now, great Lord, it is the time of the third love, and it is crowning its mystery. Your second lo ve among the people was the love of Your saints on earth for a time of one thousand years and then again, one thousand years more, the love of the saints, which was given to You through its burnt offering in their holy body on earth among the people or outside them, as I also lived devoutly in wilderness to give You my love, Lord, because I loved You totally and I loved You as a bride loves and I did not want to be separated from You in a place without people around me, Lord of the saints. Two times one thousand years, the saints on the earth loved You, after You came and be- came man from God, to bring love to the people, and its saving mystery, for after the man got lost his own self from You, You and Your Father in You, You came Yourself in all manners of ways through the prophets and angels to turn the man back to You so that he may be again Your man, Lord; and You have been consumed in those that You have entered with Your mystery in man, and You have been working calling him, and then You have come Yourself and turned from God into man, to leave Your love among the people, which has pulled the man back into You. And You made John into the mystery of Your love in man and showed it through him, and then it was through him that again You let the mystery of Your love on the earth, the one at the end of the time in man, the mystery of Your coming after two thousand years of the love of Your saints on the earth, for the saints loved You much into the midst of the people and in places not travelled by people, Lord of Your saints. No one knows that You belong to the saints. All people know that You belong to eve- ryone, but this is not true, because You are love and love makes love and it has its own partners, Lord loved by the saints. 3 See about Parascheva of the Balkans, r.n. 2