The Word of God in Romania 2001.04.17 - The Word of God on the third day after Passover

2001.04.17 The Word of God 1 on the third day after Passover 2 My word is the breath of My mouth upon you so that you may have life from My life, oh, children of My coming! I gave eternal life to My disciple of that time and I taught them to have it. The eternal life is for the man in order to know God and for the man to really know the true God. The one who does not fulfill My word, that one does not make Me into a true God and everything is possible into My name for the one that I am true and that one can do everything I can. Amen. Ask and you will receive, children of My coming. Ask, sons. This is what I told to My disciples of old, and they did so and I did works above nature by them, and through them I protected them, and by them I was waking up many to know Me as true God. Ask sons, ask from the Father into My name and you will receive and rejoice over your faith in Me, for the one who relies on Me is great and receives from Me and he has. Ask angels in everything that you have to work into My name and I will send you angels and you will receive them for I give to the one who asks Me. Have a great heart and give it to Me so that I may put power, faith and consecration into it, for I want to glorify Myself through you on earth and to put to shame all those who cannot for Me. The resurrection brings eternal life to the man and it makes the man to know Me as true God who came from the Father and for the man to call Me Light from the Light, true God from true God, born and not created, one with the Father, the Creator of everything. Amen. I help the man to take his resurrection in him and to believe in Me and to take Me in him for himself and for everything he has got and then in all of My things, for I have a great work to do, a work that remains forever. Behold what a sweet mystery: the man to take Me in him for him and in all of his things, and then in all of My things; I to be in him and then he to be in Me, for with the one who is in Me I do My work from Father that I have to fulfill on earth; to help the man in everything he has got for his life and then also for him to help Me in everything I have, as the Father has given Me many to fulfill on the earth and I cannot do it without the man. He who knows Me as true God, that one looks at Me and becomes like Me in word and in deed and this is his faith and this means that the man believes in God. When the man takes in him the true life, which he learns from Me, this means that he does the works of his faith in Me. There are many who by nature have the gift to be able to make Me into life in them, but they do not have a teacher to bring them to this life. I want to bring many to life and that is why I get ready with you for days of birth for them, and then to become growth over them with My word, for the work of the resurrection sighs to be worked out and to bring with it the raising of many, and so that their raising to the eternal life, to the knowledge of God and to the knowledge of the Father in Me as true God may be spread out from one to another. Amen. Working sons, those that My Father wants to give Me through you, those that I want to lift up and teach eternal life so that you may take it with you everywhere. The work of the 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1