The Word of God in Romania 2001.03.18 - The Word of God on the third Sunday o

2001.03.18 The Word of God 1 on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross 2 Little children from the manger, make My entrance to you. Amen. My book with you is My comfort upon you; it is the word of My power upon all your weaknesses. (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life”, r.n.). I said through the prophets: «I give power to the faint and I give great power to the weak». I said: «I will strengthen the power to those that hope in Me; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint». Amen. Sons, children, have hope in My words and give power to each other and take care of you, sons. It is not only I that I should have. You too should have, for I need you to feed with My Holy Spirit the man on the earth, to whom the whisper of the Holy Spirit sticks, for I want that the man may not be careless of his sin, but I rather want him to get up and cry for for- giveness to see that he takes care of his soul so that I should also take care of him afterwards. I want to bring the eternity on the earth, but first I have to make the man give up all his wickedness, so that I may not undergo with him as I underwent with Israel, which was sinning in its inner being. I made its food and clothing not to be damaged, but it torn Me down in its inside, in the inner man. Oh, why, did it not really want to become incorruptible so I may have had it as My people forever? Behold, sons, children, the man is slow in his understanding. It is difficult for the man to understand the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens. I told the man that the kingdom of the heavens is not visible; it does not come in a visible way. If it does not reign in the man, the man cannot see and touch it otherwise. All those that are from the heaven do not become visible, but they are made and are and become. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) I want to have a holy people, and that each one may feed the other on holiness, the son of My people, and that My people may be healthy, for it is written into the prophets: «They who live in Zion will not say „I am sick”, for this people will gain the forgiveness of the sins, the everlasting joy will crown their head, the praise and joy will reach them, and the pain, groan and sorrow will flee from them». I nourish you with hope, sons and children. Give power to the people from Me; give the Holy Spirit to Jerusalem, for Jerusalem means sons and daughters under the comforting of the Holy Spirit. The way is difficult but I am through the difficulties with you. The evil spirit is very upset with you but be careful and take care of you, so that I may have a way of My word upon the people. My word appeases My storm in the man and guides him in hard times, but I want to prevent the man from sinning in his inner being and to be the one who love Me; to be clean in his own body and have an undefiled soul by those that are outside, for I came with the kingdom of the heavens, so that the man may take it into his inside and then pour it out- side. Amen. The man who seeks to fulfill the kingdom of the heavens in him needs great wis- dom. He does not have to start with those from his outside, but with those from his inside, so 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1