The Word of God in Romania 2001.01.01 - The Word of God upon the synod from t

2001.01.01 The Word of God 1 upon the synod from the manger of the word 2 I come closer to the manger and I become word of building and word of comfort and then I give Myself to you and to those who gather together near you to become a feast for Me. You have made Me into a day of celebration, sons from the manger, for the good and little children like you have come together near you, to spend a good time into My name with you, and for Me to feed them from heaven. When the world on the earth have come together to spend its days, behold, you too have found an opportunity and made Me come down to feed those who come to grow near the spring, which washes the man and then it makes him grow so that he may be. Here I am to give you grace and comfort; to you and to those who have come to the spring. I, Myself, am. My body is covered from your eyes, but My word flows from it and it is heard and I feed with it and make it into My coming, for this time has come and every man will be taken by surprise, for the man on earth does not want to stop from his walking and listen to the whisper of My coming, My word that becomes a way for My coming. If My Scriptures from two thousand years ago are false, I will not come. But they are true and that is why I come and I come to fulfill them. Amen. I told My disciples to understand the sign of My coming from the fig tree. And behold, it has shoot forth buds for the time of My coming has come near. I am the fig tree, for the fig tree on the earth has grown dry and I can no longer eat of its fruit. I Myself, have come and gave forth fruit and new sprouts, for My coming is near. The dry fig tree thinks that it is green and does not understand the signs of My coming, the signs of My coming. You, however, children from the manger, are the signs of My coming. I am the fig tree and you are the sprouts and My coming is with you. Amen, amen, amen. I have worked again mysteriously as two thousand years. And as that time, the people nowadays do not want to perceive of the signs of the time of My coming from the Father. The Spirit, opposing to Me, is king over the man and it whispers him in his ear not to set to watching for My coming, but to spend the things of the night instead. And behold, My coming takes the man by surprise and the man does not see it, for it is written: «They have eyes and do not see; they have years and do not hear; and he that does not believe does not come to see». However, I come to the manger with food from heaven and I give Myself for a holy building to the one who wants to be with Me, waiting for Me to come. I give Myself to you and you should also give Me further, sons, so that I may be found with you by those who have learned the way to the spring of My coming. The one who comes for growth I teach him to always look at himself to see if he is growing on My word. And how comes that? Let him look into My word and measure himself within it, for this is how I teach the one who is growing from Me and this is what I tell him: child, look to see what it is between you and God, between you and your neighbor. Look to see yourself from God, when you look, and do not seek to see yourself from you. Look to see yourself from your brother, when you want to see yourself, and not to look at yourself from within you, for your eyes cannot tell about you. Seek to look at you from God and from your neighbor, to be pleased to God and to your neighbor, not to yourself, for this is how those that watch for My coming are. And as for the work of watching, let there any spirit of master not be mixed with the spirit of servant, for this spirit spoils the watching of those who watch, but let 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1