The Word of God in Romania 2000.12.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the S

2000.12.19 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Saint hierarch Nicholas 2 Lay down before Me, you watchmen children from My manger. I come to you as word in order to prepare Us for travelling. I go with you to speak of you as being Mine and to speak of My coming to you for every man on earth who hears the voice of My coming after two thousand years. I want every man to hear and know that I am with the new age over you and clean the earth with it and make it new, for the word is new and it lies down on the earth to make it new. Amen. No one has understood the mystery of the new age by now, because I, Myself, had to come and reveal it. As the buds are shooting, this is how I open Myself over the earth and with it, and out of the bud I make flower and from the flower I make fruit and put it on My table, and my table is the Romanian land. I started the earth with it from the beginning and with it I start the new earth, the earth of the age to come, for I have sowed the new age on it, the new fruit, and the new man. The people on the earth changed the book of My coming so that the man may not understand it and no longer wait for Me. However, I bring the mystery of the new age into light, the new heaven and the new earth that I promised to the man, only for the man to believe into My word of yesterday and today, for I, the Lord, become a river of word from heaven for the man’s life. I miss the man very much and I want him to burn after Me and to wait for Me, for I am with the new age into My arms and I wait for the man to open to Me so that I may come. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) I pour Myself into you, children from My manger, and you should give Me to the people, because I make you into a way to the people. I am the One Who can and I make you. I want to make the people to know My coming one hour before and then to come for them too when I come to you and to prepare them as I prepare you, one hour before, and then to come in a perfect way. There is still one hour and I come; one hour, sons. I work with you over the earth during this hour and how much I want the man to receive the gift of faith when I give it to him, as you received it when I gave it to you! Oh, hardly does the man know Me when I knock at his door! Every man got used to say that the Lord is not. Oh, how could the man learn to say such a thing? The one, who has not got any fear of God, blasphemes and then he says: “It is not the Lord.” One hour, and the man will no longer say this. Only one hour and I will stay face to face with them, for no one has believed the mystery of the new age by now, because I, Myself, have to interpret and to reveal Myself with it on the earth, of the Romanian land. And let the man no longer questions you about your knowledge that the Romanian land is chosen for My coming. Let him look at the kind of work I have been doing on it and to understand and to know. Amen. I go with you for the man to hear how I reveal the mystery of the new age, the age that is to come. Those who have forsaken the faith will believe seeing with their own eyes, and their unbelief will not escape them from guilt, but on the contrary, it will condemn them severely, for I have had you as My messengers on the earth and I have called them to Me and they have got used to saying: “It is not the Lord.” One more hour and I will show Myself near you, for the judg- ment of those who have known Me by this word. The man’s haughtiness, which does not receive Me, is the reward of his wicked works, for the sinful falls into haughtiness and he falls into blind- ness and then, by everything he does, he blasphemes God. One more hour and My light with you 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1