The Word of God in Romania 2000.04.02 - The Word of God on the third Sunday o

2000.04.02 The Word of God 1 on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross 2 I come above the manger of My word and I announce My watchmen that I come as word in the garden. Sons from the manger, get ready for My coming down as word into My book in this time. Amen, amen, amen. This is My tabernacle in which I work out with you the mystery of the new heaven and new earth, the mystery My holy prophets and apostles spoke about. Amen. No one can be My apostle than the holy man who speaks by the Holy Spirit giving Me to those who want Me to be with them. Amen. But behold, the man has been walking to find one of My apostles, a holy apostle, and does no longer finds anyone. Everywhere there is only debauchery, only lusts, only priests with their wives worldly deformed, only worldly luxury, only idols every- where, and the man worships the man, for the priests of today rule over the people, but I, the Lord, cannot rule over them, for the women rule over them, and they are called “priestesses”. But who calls them “priestesses”? I have no such word as “priestess”, and this word only the world has, and it is the fruit of the worldly apostles, not of the spiritual ones, not of the saints. Behold, sons, why I have always come as word to you. I come to pass over the earth with My holy teaching for the man, who wants God and from God, to receive it, for there are no longer holy apostles, but people who call themselves “theologians”, not apostles. Oh, who made them “theologians”? Who called them this way? Where have they found in the Christian times someone who called himself “theologian”? Here, the time now is with paganism and the people call them- selves “theologians”, and they no longer call themselves apostles, for they are full of pride and hide under another word and they call one another “theologians”. However I say this: it is shame- ful, it is shameful for the people to talk about God who do not do God’s will, people who worship people, people who do not crucify themselves to the sin and to the worldliness on the earth. It is shameful to heaven, sons. I am ashamed before the angels and before the saints; I am ashamed of everything these people do, of everything they say that they do into My name and for Me; they who do not know to pray for themselves, let alone for the poor people and full of pains, for the prayer that reaches before Me is the holy man, the man who becomes prayer, the man who becomes power from God and light from God and a holy life among the people, a life for God, not for himself. Oh, where is still seen on the earth a man dressed with the garment of humbleness, with the garment of apostleship, with My garment sons? The garment of those who call themselves “theologians” is the garment of their pride, the garment under which they hide fighting each other for it. Depart from them, My people, from people like these. Be great in wisdom, you who learn from God, for this is what I have told you: depart from those who blaspheme God by their empty life, by their worldly pride, by their words and by their cunning work. Let Judases and Herods step aside to let My way free to be able to come. Amen, amen, amen. Two thousand years ago I told this to My apostles: «There is no one who speaks well of you and then to speak evil of you at once». But now I tell you this: there is no one, who spoke evil of you and now to speak well of you at once; no, sons, there is no one. Their speaking of evil against you is written in heaven by their own hand. The wounds of My crucifiers stay on My body and they bear witness. 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1