The Word of God in Romania 1998.03.01 - The Word of God at the Sunday remembrance of Adam's expulsion from Paradise

1998.03.01 The Word of God 1 on the remembrance Sunday of Adam’s expulsion from Paradise 2 I am the Christ of the Father, the Word of the Father, and I come from the right side of the Father; I come in word from heaven on earth, for I have the power to come and to do everything that I want to do. Amen. Come, Romanian Israel, into the mystery of My word; come and stay in it until its fruit will be shown, as you are the visible fruit of the mystery of My word; you are fruit from fruit as it is written: «I am the vine and you are the branches of the vine”. Israel, My little house, let Us be a house to each other. I have always come down to you, and you have always got up to Me and we are a house to each other, and this is an invisible mystery, for this mystery is not seen, but it actually is, more than those that are seen that they are. I am the One Who brought everything into being, and I brought them from nothing, I brought them into being from those that were not, as My word is My Spirit, Who becomes deed by speaking of word. Amen. Romanian Israel, My living little house, I come with a supper of word into My living little house and I become teaching from heaven on the earth, so that the man may have what to eat, and the one, who wants to have living food, food from heaven and not from the earth, may not die. Oh, Israel, My book with you is great, and you will see the seal that I opened to become a book with you on the earth. The book is the teaching, but not as on the earth. No book is a book except Me, as I am the only book, I and with My people. Amen. My people is the one that does My will obeying My word and fulfilling it. Where do I have a church on the earth in My image and after My likeness? (See the selection topic: „The true church”, r.n.) I look everywhere and I do not see My will in churches. Oh, where do I still have a Paradise on the earth? I came from heaven two thousand years ago to make a Paradise in man and to be with the man. I came to make a new church, like the heaven from the beginning, but the man, like the first created man, made „yes” into „no”. He who makes „no” from „yes” and „yes” from „no”, that one does satan’s will and becomes satan for God, as the beautiful angel did together with his host. Who made satan? Who turned the angel into aatan? Sons, sons, be great in your wisdom and faith, for the first created man thought on his being with God, he tested those concerning God’s being and God’s nature, and since then the angel, which then was called satan, served the man and a war was made in heaven as written, and since then Adam was clothed with the mortal body and was expelled from Paradise through this. Sons, sons, I, the Lord, made a being out of nothing, for I am the One Who is, and I am the Creator of all things. I created every being for the man, for the first created man. I built the man from clay and My breath on him made him a living being. I breathed on the clay that I made with My hand after My image and I gave him a living soul, and I called him man, and I loved him and I gave him everything that I created as a gift, and I taught him to listen to Me as the One Who made him to be. I gave him free will to be able to love immortality, in order to love his Creator, for I need love from man. The one, who is not free in his own will, has not got his own love. I gave him free will to love Me; that is why I gave it to him, and then I taught him and I told him: 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1