The Word of God in Romania 1997.08.07 - The Word of God on the bishops unbeli

1997.08.07 The Word of God 1 over the unbelief of the bishops 2 Mark down this day, sons from the garden. Mark it with My word, as now it was the moment when you stayed at the gates of My word before the unbelievers, for all the bishops from the Synedrium of today became guilty on this day, even those who believe and love My word which comes in this time on the earth. Give My word everywhere, not only to the bishops. Spread it to all the margins, for I give you power and I help you to be able to do it. The people say that you are rich, sons. The people say that you have money and that you have everything you need, but I taught you, since I chose you I have taught you not to lay hold of the richness on the earth, not to take anything for free from anyone, as worthy is the worker for his pay. I have taught you to work with your own hands to have clothes, food and shelter. I have taught you not to take anything that is not yours. I have taught you to take after Me in clothing, food and wealth, and not to love empty glory and the worldly and earthly richness. The people say that you are rich, but you are not so. You are poor, and everything you work, work to spread My word on the earth, for I help you to be distributors. Give My word everywhere, so that the people may know about My morning and yours, as I live with you the same way as I lived with My few disciples of that time. Spread My word everywhere, sons. Send My word always, but not only to the people of the church. Sent My word to those who rule the Romanian country. Send My word, sons, to those who slander Romania, so that the whole earth may know about My glory in it, about My rich- ness of the glory of My word, and of its heavenly election. I will help you to have power to multiply My word, as I am the One Who goes on the earth. I am the Lord Word. Behold, the unbelief leaves from the people of the church, who are called God’s servants among the people. All the bishops became guilty before Me, not only three or four of them, who oppress My bishop, (Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), to make him stand against the love of My word, for I am love, the word of love. Amen. My word of rebuke and scolding is love, as it is written: «The Lord rebukes those He loves, and the Father scolds His sons to get wisdom». Not only some of the bishops are guilty of unbelief and of the act of unbelief, which came and was shown today at your gates, (To curse the work „of the evil spirit”, r.n.), little garden of My word. No one among the bishops helped the one oppressed among them. (The bishop Irineu took part at the service for the laying of the stone of foundation of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, r.n.). No one got up to show that he is loving and faithful to the glory of My word, which comes from heaven for the glorified preparation of My second coming; no one, sons, as all sleep in their chairs, for what else is the sleep good for? I had no bad, nor table, not chair. I was walking bare footed and without any shelter, and I was the Son of the Father King. He, who does not believe in Me, sleeps, as the unbelief is night, and those who sleep, sleep at night, they sleep in the night of unbelief. What use is their standing before Me for? What fruit do they bring forth to Me? What do they do for Me? Behold, they dishonor My name before Me, and they turned the dwellings dedicated to Me into dens of robbers. The godless people come in under a garment of the servants of the church and make one another servants, and they sit with unbelief, and their lips preach God before the people, but they are nothing but some poor scribes and some hypocrite 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1