The Word of God in Romania 1997.07.13 - The Word of God on the council of the

1997.07.13 The Word of God 1 at the council of the twelve holy apostles 2 I am carried by the clouds of My glory and I come down for you, holy people, as you have to be holy. Amen. I am carried in a pavilion made of My apostles, and I, the Lord, and with My trumpet Verginica, are celebrated in the council of My apostles and we all work together with you, the heaven and the earth in a work of disciples with the Teacher among them. I did not work without My apostles upon anyone and anywhere, but only then when I cried for many to My Father. For whom did I cry to My Father? I cried for Me and I cried for those, who the Father gave to Me; I cried for those who My Father gave to Me to persecute Me and to crucify Me, and I was saying: «Father do not punish them for Me, for they do not know what they do; they do not know that I am Your Son». But after I was resurrected, their sin became a visible sin, as by resurrection I proved that I was the Son of the Father, the Son that came from heaven on the earth. It was changed the sin of many who prepared My resurrection and the deed of the crucifixion beforehand, because few of them became faithful Christians, and the other remained strong, first by their rank, and then by their pride, as they did not want to humble for Me, as I, the Lord humbled for them to the lowest shame, death by cross, the death of the worst condemned sinners. Behold, the man does not know, and does not want to embrace the shame of the man. The man is greater and stronger than God, Who did not want anything else, but to humble for the salvation of many, sons. I protected My disciples and I defended their life, and I gave Mine up, as when the people of the temple came with swords and clubs, if they had not taken hold of the pray they were looking for, to take to the chief priests of the church, they would have condemned My disciples. But I, as a Son of the Father’s love, came in front of My disciples, and like their Teacher, I spoke before them and I told those who sought after Me: «Who are you looking for? If therefore, I am the One you seek Me, let these go their way». No one took My life. I gave it up by Myself, as for this I came down from heaven from My Father. I came down after the man, to take him in Me, to die with Me and to rise with Me, as the one who saves his life from My hands, will lose it, and the one, who loses his life in My death for him, will gain it by his death in Me, and by My resurrection in him, by faith in the Son of God, Who came from heaven to die for the man, and to rise with the man, and to go back to the Father with the redeemed man into His arms. But he, who knew the sweetness of this grace and tasted of this offering, and went back again into the sin of the nature, who shall die for a man like that, if My death was of no use to him for an everlasting life? That is why I tell you, My people, to have love for Me, and I told you that the one without love keeps silent like the one who is guilty, and the one with love would no longer keep silent. The one without love dies to Christ and joins with the devil again, with the enemy of the man. Do you really know, My loved people, what the devil is? It is bad for the man who serves a master without knowing his master in the face. It is bad for the man, who serves God without knowing His holy and heavenly face. It is bad for the man, who serves the devil without knowing the master whom he serves. I tell you a great word today, sons. I put a great work of word on you today. I work on My right, and I work on My left, and I work the thing wholly; I work with My disciples. Amen, amen, amen. I work on My right and I 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 1