The Word of God in Romania 1997.06.08 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the

1997.06.08 The word of God 1 on the Sunday of the holy fathers from the council of Nicaea 2 The heaven is with you, people with the name of Jerusalem. The Lord is with you as word on the earth. I want to make with you and upon you everything that will remain forever. I want you, My people, to be forever. Amen, amen, amen. I come to My people on the thread of your book, Verginica. I speak with the people and with you. I speak with the man on the earth. My word speaks from heaven on earth, that the Lord is holiness over the earth. Amen. In the beginning I created the light first, and then I created everything that I made; I created them in the light, at the light, and I could do nothing in the darkness, because I am the Lord of the day, and I divided everything that I created; I divided them in seven days, as I made the seventh day My rest. Each work of the seven days was created in one day. I looked on everything that I created and I made them by the word, and I said: «All are very good», and I made the seventh day My rest. Oh, Verginica 3 , I speak with you the same way I was speaking when you were in your body on the earth among the people. I was speaking with you as I spoke with Moses in the beginning and I was dictating the Scriptures of creation, Verginica. I want the man from the earth to un- derstand the word of My Scriptures, as I dictated to the man of God from the earth, and the man of God accomplished the word of God on the earth; however, the man of this age has been unfaithful to My work through the man of God among the people. The man of this age believes in those that are worked and spoken by him. He does not believe in those that are worked and spoken by Me, because he does not see and does not hear those that are made and declared by Me. I told Moses this: «I am Who I am. I will open up your mouth and I will teach you what to speak». I have been working with you, Verginica, the same way. I am working more wonderfully with My sons of today; the sons, who bring Me on the earth as the word from the Father. Why do I work more wonderfully? Because I went to My Father; because you went the same way from them to Me and to the Father, and they work even more wonderfully. I was working the miracles of My Father before My disciples, and I was speaking to them that they would do even greater miracles after I would go to My Father and that I would be with them from the Father and with the Father. Oh, the man does not know what My day of rest is. If I cannot rest in the man, the man does not know to understand those from the Lord. I worked during the six days of creation, and I made them all well, and looking upon them I rested with thankfulness on the seventh day. My days are Mine, and the day of rest is Mine. The days of the man are man’s, and his seventh day is his. The man works his things on six days, those for him, and on the seventh day he rests from those of his, saying that on the seventh day he honors Me. In the seventh day I enjoyed of all the good things that I created, which I made for the man in six days, but can the man make everything that I had made during the six days until the seventh day? The man works six days for himself, not for Me, and the seventh day he says that he gives it to Me and that he sanctifies it. Not even the people of Israel understood My days and their honoring, and the honoring of the seventh day, for he had done only what was evil on his way. And I was speaking to Moses: «Go and take the people into God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A., r.n. 3 Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) 1 2 1