The Word of God in Romania 1996.11.24 - The Word of God at the Feast of St. martyr Mina

1996.11.24 The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Saint Martyr Mina 2 (Translated by I.A.) I am the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Let the sons of the garden of the Word hear. Let the gatekeepers hear and open to the Lord, as the Word comes to Israel; the Word God comes to speak over the earth. The Lord comes from heaven on the earth to be with the man, as it is not good for the man to be alone, but it is good for him to be with the Lord. Amen. Peace to you, little garden of the word, which comes from heaven, which comes with the clouds, as it is written! Peace to you, anointed sons from the garden! Stand awake before Me, for I come and work a fresh word over the earth, a word of new age. I have been pouring out the grace of My word over Romania for seven years, to start with it a new age on the earth, but Gog and Magog have opposed Me. Be awake, anointed sons, so that you may stand before the word. I become fresh word over all Romania and I tell to My trumpet to prepare you so that you may stand before My word. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) Oh, Verginica, here I am with you in your book. We come in to prepare the sons of My garden beautifully, as they are the messengers of heaven on the earth; they are placed on the earth during the time of today to testify about God’s voice, the word of God, the Son of God, Who comes, Verginica. Here I come; here is how I come, but is there someone on the earth to understand My coming? I am the Word; I am He, Who is; I am He, Who comes. Amen. − Oh, You are the One Who comes with the saints, Lord, with the tens of thousands of saints, as it is written into the Scriptures, Lord. I am Your trumpet and I am in Your coming; I am in You, Lord, and You announced Me to the multitudes that I am Your trumpet, but do the multi- tudes know to understand Your coming with the saints? It is written that he, who believes in You, will be alive even he dies. And You believed in me, Lord, and You came to life in me, and You had been speaking from within me for twenty five years on the earth, and You called a people to You, the people that Your Father gave it to You, to have it for Your coming in the word. And You became word from me, Lord, and the sons of the word testify about Your coming in the word. I was Your tabernacle among the people, the tabernacle of Your word, and if You took me into heaven, You also came back with Me to Your people, to my people, and You speak with it and command me to become word from You as well, so that the earth may know that You have me as Your trumpet, Lord; to know that in the time of my body the heaven joined to the new age, to the new age and the new earth that are, Lord. Your sons wait for Your promise, the new heaven and the new earth, the heaven and the earth of peace and righteousness, Your peace on the earth; Your peace, not the peace of the people. I gather the chickens under my wings; I gather them under Your wing, to be protected by Your peace, as the people’s peace it not peace. The people do not have You within their peace; the people are full of the spirit of wisdom on the earth; the people are full of spirits; they are not poor in their spirit for the kingdom of God to have room in them, so that You may have where to bow down Your head in the man’s body, in the spirit and the soul of the man, Lord, and You are the One Who has been wondering away for seven thousand years. The people have their gods; they have their spirits; they have their own spirits, but I cleansed a people and I made him poor in the spirit, so that You may have room with Your kingdom in them, and to be, Lord, to be with the man on the earth, as it is not good for the man to be alone, alone without God, without God’s word, as 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Or Menas; 285-309 A.D. 1