The Word of God in Romania 1996.11.17 - The Word of God at the Ascension of the Holy Cross on the Church of New Jerusalem

1996.11.17 The Word of God 1 at the Ascension of the Holy Cross on the Church of the New Je- rusalem (Translated by I.A.) I am. I am He Who is, and I come to you, Israel, and if I made a dwelling of My word of you, you also are. I am, and you also are if I come to you. I come for you to be, My people, for you also to be, as I am. I am and you also are, as you are My people. Amen. Oh, you should not look at the man who gives himself a name. You should not look at the man with a coat and with greatness of man, My loved child. You should not look at the wise man who says that he is, and rather you should look at the One Who is, dear son. I am. I am He, Who is, as the man is how the time requires, not as God requires. Have mercy on Me, son. Have mercy on your neighbor, as on His coming, the Lord will pay you everything you might have been spent for My love. I will pay you, merciful child. You are My house, a house of heavenly guests, and I come to you to warm Me up into your house, as the time is cold, and I have nowhere to bow down My head to get warm. Neither I, nor the saints, have any place to get in and to let down Our burdens. I am with Verginica 2 , Israel, and you should open for the heaven, so that it may come in and do its work upon you, as the Lord and His saints come to interpret the Scriptures for you, My people, and that you may have a real interpreter, as behold, people who misinterpret God get up on the earth, so that they may make a name and have greatness among the people for them- selves, and that the people may make garments of people. But you should not look at the man with the garment, at the man with a name, as woe to the garment and to his name, son! You should love the One fallen among the thieves and to take Him into your house, into your heart and to take care of Him with love, and God will pay you with a high reward and will work for you to have eternal life as God has. Oh, Israel, you should always wait for Me, as Verginica comes with Me to you, as My trumpet has great work, as I work by My tools; I work by those that are alive. I am the God of the living; I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the God of the saints, Israel. I am the Lord of Verginica. I am your God. Amen. − Oh, You should be received and praised by Israel, Lord, as You are He, Who is; and he who is, in You is and not otherwise. I am Your trumpet, Your tool with which You work Your field, Lord. You are the gardener, and I am Your tool, Lord, Lord of the living, Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, My Lord and the Lord of little Israel, as the smallest one is loved by all big ones, by all the living who were before the little ones, and who are alive, as You blessed a word of life. Oh, my people, here is why I am, why I come to you when I come with the Lord. I come because I am, and because I am, I come. I come to you, son, and rejoice because you give me work to do with the Lord upon you. This is what the word said to you: „Speak Israel, of the Lord on the way, so that you may be heard speaking, and that the Lord may come to have a blessed Supper with you, as happy is the heaven when it comes down to sit at the table of word with you, Israel”. 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) 1