The Word of God in Romania 1996.09.11 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Beheading of St. John, the Baptizer

1996.09.11 The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John, the Baptizer (Translated by I.A.) The purest love: the motherly love. The true gentleness is the day of rest of God in man. The true disciple is the worker of the salvation of the human kind. Rebuke is a watchman that came from God. Oh, My people Israel of today, if I have you as My people, should I not stay into your midst? Behold, My people, I always sit in your midst, to hold your hand, My people, as a mother holds her beloved child. It is a heavenly feast, Israel, and I make feasts of celebration with you on the holy days, as I have no other joy, I have no other comfort. I have you, My people, as I chose you to have you, Israel. If it is celebration in you, I come with a spirit of feast, so that I may be into your midst, and when I come, I come into the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the name that you bear, My people that love Me and follow Me to the Father. I come with My peace into your midst and I sweeten you with milk and honey from heaven, as a mother does with her child. Oh, son, you should have a heart of a mother in you. Mother has the most beautiful heart. The love of a mother does not sin in love. It is a great thing for a man to have a heart of a mother in love. What kind of a mother would do any harm to her child if she was a mother? The same with you son, if you want to be pure in love, you should love anyone, but with the love of a mother, My people. I am both father and mother for you. I am the perfect love, which teaches you to have a perfect heart in love, a heart of a heavenly mother; not fleshly. When a child goes wrong, his mother rebukes him, his mother teaches him, his mother keeps him out of mistakes, his mother protects him, but she never leaves her child. How much more I, how should I forsake you, My people? I am the perfect love and I cannot forsake you. I like to protect you, to keep you out of mistakes, to rebuke you as a mother who watches over the good walking of her son. The man speaks in his own way, and the Lord speaks in His own way. The man says that he is a good man when he speaks beautifully, gently and warmly. I have also spoken wonderfully and warmly but in My own way not in the man’s way. I was forgetful, but not justifying the mistake of the one that was forgiven. When I forgave the man I taught him afterwards; I rebuked him and told him what to do for his forgiveness. I did not speak as man speaks. When I said that I was gentle and humble, I added that I was gentle and humble in My heart, and God’s justice was into My heart, the Spirit and the truth, My people, and that is why I said that I am the Good Shepherd, Who lays down His life for the sheep, and of Whose voice the sheep listen and go after. I am good in the truth and not in the nature of the gentleness. Gentleness is something else than what the man understands; the man that loves gentleness in him or from another to him. Israel, open the scroll of the Scripture and see how My word was and what kind of gentleness it has carried in it. If I had been good like the man, I would have not been left by all. I was good like God, but the man does not know what it means to love God so that you may not forsake Him. The man does not know what gentleness is. It is God’s truth, son, and the man is true in his gentleness. If the man had been gentle and humble in his heart, he would have had gentleness like My gentleness, but the man is gentle and humble in his flesh, and the man’s flesh draws the heart of man to be one 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1