The Word of God in Romania 1996.05.23 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Lord's Ascension

1996.05.23 The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension (Translated by I.A.) First, the peace of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit comes down. Amen. The word of the One ascended to the Father comes down; it comes down to Israel, and you, Israel, lift up the arms of your heart to receive the word and to eat it, son, to eat it with your heart and to rejoice, My people. I made you happy and I comforted you, Israel son, as I knew from the begin- ning in what time you, the little one, were to be, and you could not be without the comfort of the Holy Spirit, little son. I comforted you as this is written into the Scripture about the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Which I promised for this hard time without comfort. The worldly man does not need the comfort from the Holy Spirit. He is used to lying comforting, which does not satisfy the soul. But I have always enshrouded you with the spirit of comforting, with the comforting veil of the Holy Spirit, and I have kept you as in a swaddle, so that you may feel protected, as the little child feels within his mother’s arms. God gave you love of the Holy Spirit, people of the Lord. Oh, I have come to make you happy. I gave you much word with a great richness in it, and you have son; you have what to eat, so that you may be sufficiently big for the time of accomplish- ments, which come slowly, slowly into view. I gave you much word and you have it. I gave you to grow up through it, and to become perfect in it, but here, you need a holy and sweet joy, and I come to make you glad with warm food, little son, the son from the end, so that you may see that I am with you to the end, as I promised you through the Scriptures. Oh, how great the gift of the holiness is, son! It is great, but you should believe in every- thing that I promised you; it is a great gift, child Israel, extremely great, as only by the faith of the man of God, everything that God did in His ages, was done. The road of the man with God begins with faith, and if this is how it begins, it has never come to an end, as the faith remains forever by its deeds, and its road is eternal, it is eternity, son. This is how you should believe, as God can, and you should never go weak within this gift that bears the power of God. Israel, My people, you have been bearing into your heart the day of celebration for two thousand years, when I ascended to My Father after forty days since My resurrection from the dead in the view of all that believed in Me. Why son, did I ascend to My Father? Have you found into the Scriptures the word at this question? I ascended, so that I may come to My people, to be with it to the end, and in the end to give to the faithful the place near the Father, as this is what I said: «I go to prepare a place, so that I may be with My people in it and to shepherd it». Amen. If I had not ascended to My Father, how could I have been prepared everything that was needed for those faithful in Me? If I had remained on the earth, seen by man, the faithful man would have got used to Me and he would have had nothing to believe in, if I had remained seen by the faithful man. I did so, so that the man may have the gift of the faith, and so that I may work by faith to prepare the wonderful place of My Father’s house, as where I am, My people may also be, and that I may shepherd it for the reward of the happiness of those that are faithful. It is one thing for the Lord, Jesus Christ to be with the faithful son in a visible way, and it is another thing to be from near the Father with he that believes in the Son of the Father. Israel, I am not separated from the Father in heaven and on earth. If I am with you, I am with the Father near you. If I am near Father, I am with you near Father, and I strengthen the gift of the faith, child Israel. But I want, with My whole godly longing, you to be skilful in faith, more skilful than you are, more skilful, much more skilful than you are son, more deepened within this 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1