The Word of God in Romania 1995.09.27 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross

1995.09.27 The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross (Translated by I.A.) The Word of God becomes food; He becomes manna, which comes from heaven. The Word becomes bread and wine; the Word of the Father becomes bread, because the Son is the Word of the Father. The Word of God became Man in the sixth age and had dwelt among the people and then He went up to the Father, so that He might come back to the people. If He had not gone, He would have not come again to the people, but He came so that He might take to the Father all those who believe in the mystery of the creation by word. Be careful, Jerusalem, as the Word becomes food again. Receive and gather this manna; take and eat, My people, as I am the Word, I, the Son of the Father Sabaoth. I proclaim Myself and you hear Me proclaiming while coming to you, Israel from the end of the time. I announce My coming from the clouds, and you, little people of My garden, open son, so that I may enter the garden and that I may enter the book, to let Israel know about Me. I am in the clouds. I am with the clouds that are not seen. I am on the clouds of stars. I am on the clouds of sun. I am on the clouds and the clouds are not seen. I am on the clouds of angels, on the clouds of glory, on the clouds of cherubim and seraphim. I am carried by the clouds of My glory into those that are not seen; I am into those from heaven. Israel, son of My word, you should live in the heavenly things. Son, you should eat this manna; you should eat it every day; you should eat it day and night; you should eat it hungrily, son Israel. You should eat milk and honey from heaven, as those that are not seen are not perishable. Take and eat from the garden of those that are not seen, so that you may not be perishable, My people, (See the selection topic „The mystery of humankind salvation - the mystery of incorruptibility”, r.n.) and to have imperishable eyes to see the clouds of My glory, and to see Me with you, and to see you with Me, and to see, son, why I have labored over you for as long as forty years. Open to Me to see, as every word of Mine has to be fulfilled with fear and great love, and this means to open your eyes to see. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.) Oh, My little child people, eat manna, and do not ask Me for meat, as I will no longer give it to you. If I gave meat to Israel, what good did I do to him? Because if I did its will, Israel would come back into its death. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.) Jerusalem, My new man, I do not want to do your will any more, and rather I want, son, to get you used to desire My will. Stop asking yourself and ask Me instead, son, why I call you New Jerusalem? Because you are made a new man by Me, and the new Man has the Holy Spirit as a dwelling in Which he stays. You are surrounded by My Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit is God in the Father and in the Son, from the Father and from the Son. The work of the Holy Spirit is called Whitsuntide; it is called Jerusalem, and you are My new man, born of the Son of God, the Word. You are the New Jerusalem, as the Word is the Holy Spirit; it is God in the Spirit, Who comes and makes a new man from the word. Eat, Jerusalem, Holy Spirit, and do not crave for the meat as the Israel in the time of Moses, for Israel asked for meat from Moses, because Moses was My tool for Israel. I wanted to make Israel a new man, and to get him used to eat manna, and then milk and honey. But it was not so, for he did not want it and he came back again to the meat. He did not want like Me, and rather it wanted like himself; Israel wanted like the old man. Israel, the man did not ask God when he ate meat. The man ate and the Lord saw what the man did. Eat manna, Jerusalem, for the word is heavenly manna. Eat and do not get bored like Israel. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1