The Word of God in Romania 1995.09.21 - The Word of God at the Birth of the Lord's Mother - Page 8

1995.09.21 first to take of it, and then you will have a hundredfold fruit and word like the wheatear rich in fruit. Israel, My people renewed by My word, you should have a heavenly stature, and a growth of eternal life should be seen on you, and you should not speak like the man on the earth. You should speak like the man that came down from heaven on the earth and you should say to those born on the earth about the Mystery of the heaven and to make the heaven come down on the earth with you, son born of heaven, of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the One Who ascended into heaven to be able to come down with the heaven to you. Israel, little tree of spring, grow up and become thick. Israel, grow up and catch fruit, as the Holy Trinity and the guests of the heaven come to eat of your fruit. You should be a tree in which everything that is in heaven may come in for shelter; the angels and the saints, the tens of thousands of saints, as it is written in the Scriptures. Israel, put the food on the table and eat. I gave you a dish. Put it into cooking and take from it and eat until I come. Oh, My blessed people, My mother, the Virgin, blesses you and tells Me: „Son, here are Your sons; here are Your brothers”. And I, the first One born, tell you: „Behold the mother virgin of My brothers near her first born, as the virgin without a husband has sons; she has a people and she has a son”. Verginica, little tree rich in fruit, My Mother Virgin blesses you. Verginica, (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet - see the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) child from the end, who had from Me the third work, be celebrated beside the mother of the Christians, as you have a Christian people, and no one has had a clean Christian people by now. There has always been a Christian people, but not clean at the creation of the heaven. In the time of Noah, there were eight clean people, but when they were to multiply from God they became dirty. Oh, Verginica, you have got now a clean people that follows the Lamb wherever the Lamb wants. Teach your people always not to lust. Receive the word from My word, break it and give it to the people to eat not lusting, so that this people may stick to My bosom forever and ever. Amen. − Oh, my Lord, I am Your trumpet, and I give You praise for my people, which is Yours. Not a shepherd on the earth wants to give You his flock; he says that it is his. But I gave it to You, Lord, for You to take it over, as this is at the end of the work: the work is given to the Father to be taken over, the work that was done for the Father. I, Lord, glorify Your mercy and love, because You call this people clean. It is clean but it still has to work to do: at his conscience, at his love, at his carefulness, at his soul, at his patience and growth, Lord. It is clean, but it still has to clean, and I urge it to this, to be like the apostle John. My last exhortation for this people was: to read the book of love, the book of the apostle of love. Read people what I gave you to read; read until I come, as I come with the Lord soon. Read to be clean, to be full of the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Spirit cleanses you of everything you still have unpleasant in you and on you. Be careful son, at the word of the Lord, as it is nothing to add to it. Become virgin and let yourself for eternity, my people. Oh, you should grow up, to have water and light and to have the word at your table. You should grow up, my people, and should be the glory and the ladder of the Lord, as it was that mother who brought the Son onto the earth. You should be a ladder as I was the ladder of descending for the word to you, my people. You should grow up to be at the table of the Lord, Jesus Christ, where He is to sit and break the bread and to remain 8