The Word of God in Romania 1995.09.21 - The Word of God at the Birth of the Lord's Mother - Page 7

1995.09.21 There is among the sons of My people a man full of haughtiness and with a sick mind, who reaps what he sows. He sows jealousy among My children; he sows murmuring and disdain for the children of this people, and behold, what he sows that is what he reaps, and he eats of this work and is empty and not pleasant to those who love God. He cannot love God. He has a sick mind and is frivolous in the feeling of his heart, and the Scripture says that some people like that are fallen in shameful passions, and this is the reward of those that are done in a sickly manner. That is why, My people, I ask you to have a spiritual garment of apostle. That is why I keep you awake, and do not be upset and do not murmur against Me, if I always want to put you in a wakeful state, pleasant to Me and to your neighbors. Do match one another. Take after Me sons, so that you may work out the good and love to one another. Let yourselves be stolen by heaven. Let you be overwhelmed by My word and be word and eat the word and give this food to one another. Sons, do not be snakes in word. Be the bearers of the word, and be the sharers of the word. Give food to My word. How comes this? My word is like a flower, which dies if it has no water, which dries up without food and becomes barren. Sons, do not destroy My word among you, as without the word you are barren. Sons, sons, prepare the way of My word to you, and be word; be food and grow up within the word. My people, you should not forget that everything is done by the word. You should not forget son, what creation is. The first earth was made by the word, out of the water. The earth from now was also made by the word and out of the water. But you should be careful, you who are now workers of the word into My name; be careful as the new heaven and the new earth is waiting for the creation to be finished. This new creation is waiting. Grow up sons and multiply in the word and by the word, and be born of My word; moreover, give birth further of My word to all who want to be born from heaven, from water and from spirit. Be skillful as in the end, not as in the beginning, as when I made the first earth I said to the people: «Be fruitful and multiply», and they were not careful to do this work of My word and by My word. When I made the earth of now, I also said to the people who remained on the earth, I told them: «Be fruitful and multi- ply». And even then there was no understanding for this word declared by God, as the man got drunk, and while being drunk he cursed and multiplied as those from the beginning. But the third time I will put an end to the evil, and behold, I work out a new birth from heaven and a repro- duction from heaven; and I create the man by the word, and a new birth of the world is being made. Oh, My people, I have slipped in a great mystery to you today. Today is a day of birth; it is a day of the third creation, of a man born of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of the Virgin. Amen. I want to turn Romania into a salvation ark. I want to turn it into water and spirit in the middle of the fire which burns today and which is always lighted for the creation of new heaven and new earth, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire”, r.n.) and the heaven will open up and everything that is not seen will be uncovered; all the eternal things. Amen. My dear and loved people in that I am well pleased, pray for the forgiveness of your sins, as only this way you will no longer sin, and you will stay humble before God, and brother before brother. Let him, who gives good and heavenly advice, also receive from this advice, for if he does otherwise is a Pharisee. If a good advice is not received, it has no power and receiving because he, who gives the advice, does not also receive from it, because the advice has no life in the one who gives it to another. You should give an advice with breaking of the heart, and you should be the 7