The Word of God in Romania 1995.09.21 - The Word of God at the Birth of the Lord's Mother - Page 6

1995.09.21 him much, and I love him much because he was clean and because he did not love the lust, and because he had courage to lean against My chest. Did you see the unprepared disciple at the table? He came and ate unprepared and then he fell into his sword and got hurt. Sons, sons, give up to disorders; give up to everything that defiles you, and be as I required you to be. Be as in the book and do not step over the word of My teaching, so that you may be called unprepared then; that is thieves. The fruit does not have to be stolen when you eat it. It has to be taken with the agreement of the master, with his knowledge and according to his will. Be like John at My heavenly table, and then be like those from heaven if you sit at the heavenly table. I want you to be the sons of the Lord by your free love. I want you to love the fulfillment of My word, as I spoke a word to you, so that you may no longer stay covered by a cloth that catches fire. (Of synthetic materials, r.n.). Oh, why is it so difficult to you to fulfill this word? Do I really have to speak it again to you? And behold, I speak it again to you: take out of your houses and off bodies everything that I told you to take out. Do not mourn that you do not have money; do not murmur at the fulfillment of My word. But when you went to buy what is not blessed, how did it come that you had money? Oh, clean yourselves and your houses. Work out the fulfillment of My word and be Chris- tians, and be Romanians like Romanians, sons, and be prepared when you take from My food; prepared with fulfillment in everything that I asked you at My table. You shall not do as the gypsies do, who ask for cakes in the church and then they swear and stay dirty; they stay dirty and ask for bread. You should not do like the priests who give the blessed food in the church to the pigs. I come and put My name over the offerings brought by the man to God, and then they come and take home the cakes and the blessed koliva, (Koliva is a ritual food of boiled wheat which is used liturgically in the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Eastern Catholic Churches, tr.n.), and put it into the trough of the pigs. Oh, how long? Until when shall My name be trampled under feet? Do you see man, to whom you bring your offering, your money and your love? My people, you should soak the wheat only as much as you can eat, so that My wheat, blessed for heaven, may not be thrown to garbage. My people, you should take care of the bread as the bread is holy, son. Remember son when I blessed the bread into the wilderness, that I said that the broken pieces of bread had to be gathered and nothing to be lost. Why did I say so? Because that food was blessed by Me. And this is how I also bless your food when you ask Me to bless it, and you should not throw away the morsel, which has the blessing upon it, but rather you should ea ]ۋB\Y ]Y\وH]\\[[Kۙ\^Hݙ\Y]HXY\YY]^\ZH\KX\ܚY]و\K و][ZX[XH]^HB[H]\][]\\YY\H[XZH\Y[و[[[ۈ \H\HYوHY\][[H\H\Y[ [\Y\HH[X ۋۋYZX\H\]X[\Y[و[\Hو\\[YX [ۙX[[ܙ\X][H[[ۙH[KH[ܞHۈ\HۙH[\]]\YZHX\[XX\\\YX[ݙHXX\[H[ݙB[[ۙH[ZۜˈۛH\^H[[Z\HݙHۙH[\\B]YܛۙX]]]YX[ݙHۙH[\[H[ݙH]H[X]\B[H\H؛YYݙKۛHH]HۙH܈[\[HݙHXX\K™\]H[\]\][H\\ۛ[][X]ݙK[\B\ۙOHۙH][ݙ\HݙHZ[YYH]]ˈ\ܘY[ ^H[K[H[YZۋX\H[\ZY܋HX\[H]\][[H[Y[HX\B[Kۙ\]\]][H[ݙK\]ݙH]][[X\ ۋ