The Word of God in Romania 1995.09.21 - The Word of God at the Birth of the Lord's Mother - Page 4

1995.09.21 Man arose and the man also arose, and the man became god. People take people as gods; gods that die like people. The people that do this are guided by the dark angels that fell from God. The people that have God as master are guided by the good angels that stayed with fear and attentiveness obeying God. How comes then, for the man to have God as his master? What does it mean a man with the name of a Christian, who has the Lord as his master? It means to stay with attentiveness and fear on God’s commandments, and with obedience, as the good angels did, and who did not fell; it means to work everything that God commands, as the angels obey and do what are given to them to do for a good and heavenly work. And behold, the sons of the people do their own will, and they do not have the Lord as their master. The people stuffed by their own science say that I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, was one man of that time, a man with power and that is all. They take Me after their own likeness, as they also are gods for themselves; they are a kingdom for themselves, but they did not rise as I did through the death; they did not ascend into heaven. They are from the earth, but I came from the heaven, from the Father, in the Virgin. They do not like to believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as they should believe. They are sons of the people, and the live that way, but they who have as master, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, speak with God; God speaks with them and they remain for life and not for death. I am the eternal life, and he, who has Me as food, is nourished with the eternal life. The learned and rich people are the poorest people on the earth, as they serve the lying and remain with it as their possession; with it and with many spirits, which swarm over their thoughts and hearts. Israel, Israel, I stood once with My disciples in the midst of the crowds which were looking after us. I was speaking with My disciples and told about the blessed ones, about those that are blessed; however, I called them so before the multitudes; it was them that I called blessed and not the multitudes. I told them that those that are poor in their spirit are blessed, that the kingdom of heaven is theirs. The rich in their spirit do not have room for the kingdom of heavens in their thoughts, but the poor, that are clean in their thoughts, are blessed, and they have this blessing and comfort in their spirit. Man, man, you have to fulfill all that is in agreement with God’s commandments, but if you are haughty and proud, you are a dark angel, and it is of no use to you. He, who is proud with God, humbles like God. He, who humbles like man, is not in God; he has a spirit of man, which does the good without God; he works the good of the evil, and the good of the evil is part of evil and not of God. He, who does not believe in the Son of God, Who came from heaven on the earth, sins against the Holy Spirit. Oh, if an animal had the speech of a man, it would put the unfaithful man to shame. Oh, the disbelief will come to an end, as I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, will show My glory before the unfaithful, and I will thrive with you, people of God’s word. I have come into your midst, My people, with the Virgin, My mother; I have come with a feast of birth. In the beginning, God took the woman out of the man and in the end He took the man out of the woman, as male and female, means man. I will come and give birth from heaven to every man who will understand the mystery of the birth from above for the eternal life. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman”, r.n.) I will come visibly, Israel, My people, as it is written about this coming. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.) The seven ages were sealed, as God counted to seven in the beginning as well. I will appear with the eternal age, which began between heaven and earth, for I do this work with 4