The Word of God in Romania 1995.09.21 - The Word of God at the Birth of the Lord's Mother - Page 3

1995.09.21 The mystery of a prophet is a great mystery, but what does the man know? The man be- lieves that prophet means a way of gaining praise, of gaining wealth. The man believes what he believes, but he does not know what he has to believe and work. My mother Virgin did not pose as a prophet; she did not exalt herself to demand honor among the people. She was humble and clean in heart and deed, and her gift was the love of God. But the earth is full of people, who pose as people of heavenly gifts. People that serve idols pose as people with heavenly gifts, and people stay in a row to come in to them. Frivolous men and women come at the gate of My manger to show their gifts; people that do not look for teaching anywhere. They come here to teach those that are Mine also, but I am here with the spring of the gifts. Oh, sons, if I guide the man to the spring of the gifts, even if I guide him by a gift of a guide up here, from now on he should drink of the spring, as he does no longer need a guide if he found what he was looking for. And if he did not find, one like that does not know what he is looking for, if he does not know how to find and value and how to humble himself before God, the Spring. My mother, the Virgin, was lying down at My feet and was praying to Me to do well to the poor and downcast, to those who walk through the darkness, and I was her gift. She, with her love, gives light to the darkness of the man’s life in the world, as the world does not have any path; the world has changing paths. My mother, the Virgin, called herself the Lord’s servant, and God called mistress, the one that named herself serv- ant. Why is it said that she is the mistress of the heaven? Because she ruled the heaven and did not turn it into a body. She kept her body God’s heaven and throne, as the heaven is the Lord’s throne. Israel, my dear little tree, the mystery of the deified man is great, as the man received his godly nature from heaven. Israel, thin and little tree, you should be a tree of the knowledge of good, and you should no longer test yourself with the fruit of evil, as the fruit of evil, if you take it and eat, it grows within you and becomes man, and it makes of you father and mother of evil. Israel, Israel, baby that came out of My word of forty years, the one proclaimed in the time of Abraham! Israel, people nursed by heaven! Come, My love, towards growth and autumn. Come quickly son and ripen yourself fully! Come, as I also come! The buds are counted in the autumn, and I come to choose you as seed and to take you into My palm and to put you down on the table of the Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Behold, take a good look and see well. Every science and every language have come to an end by themselves, and it will remain before Me the deified man, who feeds on knowledge from heaven on the earth. The wisdom from the earth is born of the man, and the man is fallen, as the human wisdom is also fallen. The man who serves the sin has wisdom after the sin, as he puts out what he eats. The wisdom of the man wanted to take God’s place and became a God for itself, as the learned man does not receive God as his master. The learned man has the school of the sins, as if he had it not, he would not love the school from the man. The learned man cannot escape from death, but he, who puts an end to his school and sciences and languages, rises to life and becomes a baby at God’s bosom; and he becomes love, and the love brings about love, and it never dies. Sons, sons, school is arrogance, and ar- rogance is the death, which has been dwelling upon the man for seven thousand years. The learned man does not know his purpose, as he has to talk to God, but here, the sons of the people are not God’s sons. The wisdom of the man wanted to take God’s place, but behold, I came and it is silent before Me; it is silent and it will be silent, as it is written into the Scriptures. Man, you can do only what is good on your way; you do it in vain if you do not do it on the way with God. I do not need your good to take an Ѽ䁙ȁи$5䁝)԰Ё̰́ݡ́ЁɽݥѠѡ݅䰁ѡЁ́иQ)MѡM5Ѽɸѡͽ́ѡѼЁѡ)ٔѡ䁍Ё䁭ȁٕ5Mݕ)ݸѼѡѽЁѡ͔ݡݕɔ݅ѥȁ!Ѽѕȁѡѡ(