The Word of God in Romania 1995.09.21 - The Word of God at the Birth of the Lord's Mother

1995.09.21 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother (Translated by I.A.) I come down with a celebration to Israel. The Lord comes down, Israel; the Lord with His tens of thousands of saints, with His mother Virgin and with a feast of birth and heavenly longing. Amen. I come down into the orchard to see the fruit of the autumn. Israel, Israel, little tree of spring, the autumn has come, son, and you are still a vernal little tree; you are thin and feeble. I put props for you and I strengthen them to sustain you and for you to become an autumn tree in which the birds of the sky may come in, the Spirits of the Lord. Autumn has fruit and spring has flower. In the autumn one gathers together and eats of the fruit. What shall I do now if you do not bear the autumn fruit? Why are you not a little tree and a tree? Why, son? I was both man and God, and so you also should be, Israel; to be a man with a godly nature, son, to disagree with the evil so that it may go away from your way. This is what I did, and the evil left from before Me, and you should also work, Israel, little tree of the spring; Israel, little child of breast. The Lord, God, requires from Israel a full growth and a condition of a perfect man. Amen. Peace to you, My people! Peace to you, My cluster, My cluster of trees, as I will make you into a great plantation in the days to come. I was both man and God, and I want to get you used to My work from earth and heaven; to rebuke the evil so that it may go away from your work with God. I was taken by the spirit into the wilderness, and there I was tempted by the devil. It wanted to see if I was the Son of God and it could not find out, as I did not do to his liking, and I rebuked the evil and the evil left. What was the evil? The evil was the spirit of the world and the do- minion of the world that satan wanted to give Me, as he gives it to any man. But I was and I am, both man and God, and I overcame the evil, which followed Me into the wilderness. The man can learn from Me, that if he worships God, it makes the devil ashamed and he does not worship it. What does it mean to worship the devil? It means to do its will. Israel, suckling from the bosom of the heaven, you should be an autumn tree, as the storm of the weather of nowadays bows down the trees. A storm of false prophets filled the paths of the world and pose as God’s prophets. Oh, that is why I have always been telling you: „Read the Scripture, son, to fill you up with the Holy Spirit”. Be skillful through the Holy Spirit to know what it means to be a prophet, so that you may know that all come to a stand in front of this work. All the springs will come dry; all will be troubled, as the man is full of pride; and more, he put the name of God before. False prophets do not know what it means to be a prophet. (See the selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism”, r.n.) Women with their heads uncovered, oiled with dyed make-ups, nail-polished and adorned, people of all kinds; they pose as Orthodox and some of them even say to the world that they also are with My word of the New Jerusalem. But I now tell the world what it means to be a prophet, and what does this people of Mine mean. My people does not walk on the roads. It walks only after Me; it comes only at My call. My people does not have gifts, as its gift is the word of God, which is coming down to guide them. My people does not take after the prophets, for it has Me as a helmsman; it has the word of God before it. Before Me the science, the languages, the gifts and the prophecies die down as it is written. Amen. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1