The Word of God in Romania 1995.08.02 - The Word of God at the Feast of the St. Elijah, the prophet

1995.08.02 The Word of God 1 at the Feast of the Saint Elijah, the prophet (Translated by I.A.) I come in the clouds and speak upon the earth. I am God, the Word. Amen, amen, amen. Oh, children of Jerusalem, I have come down with the entire heavenly host, and I speak upon you out of the midst of the glory. When the rain falls down on to the earth, the springs hold water from abundance, and the earth blossoms with life; however, when the chambers of the rain close, the springs begin to dry out and their bosom also dries out. This is what I do with you, My people; I keep you to My bosom to eat and that your life and your offshoot may not dry out. The voice of My word flows like a spring over to you, and I grow you up with manna from heaven more than I did with Moses’ Israel. I make a spring of word come down from heaven, to turn you into a spring of word on the earth, and all passers-by to drink of you, that they may be thirsty of the living water and to look out for it, and those who drink to grow up. Israel, Israel, that is why I brought you up in the time of My coming back, so that you may tell to the world about My coming back and about My glory and My kingdom. Let the man look at you and follow you and drink from the river of My word. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) Peace to you, My people! In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I open My bosom and I come closer to give you to eat. Take son, and eat. Take My people, take from God and get used to My life within you, with Me in you, as he, who has Me in him, has life in him; oh, and what kind of life he has in him! The man of the world does not have My live in him. Israel, Israel, teach the man of the world what it means to have life in him; teach him if you can, and I will give you a high price for it, son, but you should work carefully lest you may go wrong; lest you take and learn something from the man of the world. You should not learn the work of the world, as the man of the world has no life within him. I am the life and he, who does not have Me, does not have life in him. The Holy Spirit is above you, My people. It is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and it is worked out by the word, by a spring of word of the Holy Spirit, as I promised that the Holy Spirit would come and proclaim everything that is to be brought into view between heaven and earth. I look upon My work in heaven and I see it in the time of Ahab when My prophet Elijah closed the bosom of the heaven by his prayer to the Lord. The earth had not received rain for three years and a half. The springs dried out; the earth opened its mouth and was asking for water. The earth cracked open sons, and it was with its little mouth opened to God, but Elijah’s prayer was before Me, and My compassion was bound under the word of the zeal of this heavenly servant on the earth, as his zeal was better than My compassion. Here and there had it got a few springs. And where did it still have from? Out of My mercy! Be careful Israel, to have a spring blessed by Me into your courtyard, as it will be a great work with your spring. Be careful My people, and have Me in you, as I will do a great work with you, son. And why shall I do it? Because I proclaimed the word that I would do it, as the people that was with Me and left again for the world did no longer thought when it left that I would fulfill all those that I proclaimed and that it would be hard for the one who left Me. It will say that it did not left Me, but in no way was it right, as I am the word and I come to perfection and those who left do no longer hear Me. They are far away from the spring and do not hear Me and do not eat, 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1