The Word of God in Romania 1995.05.07 - The Word of God on the third Sunday after the Passover, of myrrh-bearing women

1995.05.07 The Word of God 1 on the third Sunday after the Passover, of myrrh-bearing women (Translated by I.A.) I say to you amen, sons of Jerusalem: the work of the Holy Spirit is coming upon you to eat from it and to grow by it, as I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, from My birth and up to My Father, was brought up by the food of the Holy Spirit, Who is from heaven upon the earth, and you have seen and heard of the Scriptures and from the heavenly book how I was brought up and how I revealed Myself on the earth. The time is coming and the time is closer and closer to clothe you My people, in a great visible glory, and that is why I ask you sons and daughters from the people to choose to be male and female disciples for Christ, the Son from heaven, the Son from the Father. Peace to you, peace to you, peace to you, sons and daughters, My children, people of New Jerusalem! Well sons, we are surrounded by My holy women, by My female disciples, who were then as you are now. They were then and you are now. Behold, I also had women with Me and they were Mine and were taking care of Me, of My apostles and My disciples, but they were not fleshly but rather spiritual. They were a people as they are a people now. They all were a family, as My people is a family of God now. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and where the lot fell on them, there they were working. They were working where it was needed and no one made any condition to oneself on the earth; no house on earth, and not a specific place on earth. I did not move you from your place My people when I draw you to My work. I remained to your place and into your condition, and even so you were not giving yourself to Me as much as you could do it. I did not take you from your family to be in My family, as I took the apostles and disciples and the holy women and many others who were chosen their love for the soul and for the heaven. Who else among you I moved from one place to another place; I did not say to anyone to separate except from sin and from the opponent of this work of cleanness and resurrection. I have not gone from country to country by now, but now I will go and I will take disciples with Me from place to place. Amen. Peace to you, sons and daughters! I tell you as My myrrh-bearing women: rejoice! Rejoice over the kingdom of the heavens, which is given to you! Rejoice over My growth upon you, as behold, I gathered you together as for an earthly lesson, and I give you a lesson, a lesson of holiness and good behavior and of discipleship in Christ. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, need to have disciples, man and women, and they have to love Me, and to know how to love Me. Why should they love me? Because I am the Love and they have to love the Love. Oh, My loved disciples, My little disciples, how good it is for the man to be wise and how bad it is for the man to be simple. What does it mean to be wise, and what does it mean to be simple? I speak so out of My great zeal, the godly one, as I want to make you wise and intelligent, for if the Christian remains simple and ignorant, he will lose Me. The intelligent man is the one who does not live without Christ and without God’s will in him. From where can the man know what Christ’s will is so that he may fulfill it? Oh, sons and daughters, oh My disciples! I came then through the Virgin and I became Man, and I let My exhortation about which was written into the Scripture, and I said what the man should do to have Me and to have eternal life, such as I have eternal life and I am called the One without death. The man who has Christ has all he needs if he has Christ, but here it means nothing 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 1